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Sep 20Middle-Class Bedroom Designs

Unique Pakistani Middle-Class Bedroom Designs

Posted on September 20th, 2023 3:27 PM in Tips & Ideas

For any middle-class family, the home is the safe haven. It’s the place where they invest their emotions and hard-earned money to make their dream home. However, if you are looking for inspiration for Pakistani bedroom designs, this blog is for you!

In this blog, we have highlighted Unique bedroom designs for Pakistani homes that are warm and homely. So, let’s check out these Innovative bedroom decorations and design ideas!

Middle-class bedroom designs

An Elegant & Soothing Bedroom Design

A bedroom with a soothing color scheme can instantly calm your mind after a hectic day at work. Light colors scheme such as a light blue or pastel shade imbues a sense of mindfulness.

You can complement this serene design with a light wooden bed having a headboard that extends into a shelf where you can place all your bedroom essentials.

The minimalist bedroom’s design is accentuated by dressing windows in soft cotton blinds and some wall art frames. This kind of elegant and subtle bedroom design works perfectly for middle-class families who usually prefer subtle interiors.

An Elegant & Soothing Bedroom Design

Simple Bedroom Design With A Rustic Wardrobe

Middle-class homes usually have interiors that are not opulent, which is especially true for bedrooms. Simple designs with functional and stylish bedroom furniture work perfectly to add an economical angle to the interior design.

A bedroom design with spacious interiors and a rustic floor-to-ceiling wooden wardrobe not only provides additional storage space but also brings a vintage appeal to the room. Styling a bed with a rustic wooden finish, a padded headboard, and side tables with drawers help to organize your bedroom essentials keeping the bedroom sorted and clutter-free.

Moreover, you can also add a minimal dressing unit that doesn’t take up a lot of floor space.

Simple Bedroom Design With A Rustic Wardrobe

Clean & Sophisticated Bedroom Design

Decorating or styling a home on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t go for stylish or classy bedroom interior designs. Remember, the color scheme of a bedroom says a lot about its vibe and ambiance.

For example, a simple and elegant beige color scheme can instantly add a splash of sophistication to your bedroom. Likewise, you can opt for a false ceiling and a beige ceiling fan that complements and highlights the room’s features.

Investing in a classic minimal wooden storage bed with a wall-base cabinet unit and decorating the room with white and dark brown curtains can complement the beige room interiors to give a cohesive look while keeping the functionality of the bedroom intact.

Clean & Sophisticated Bedroom Design

A Semi-Opulent Bedroom Design

What does a middle-class Pakistani family want from a bedroom?

  • An interior set-up with purposeful furniture set
  • A functional space that looks luxurious but on a budget

You can check out various ideas for Affordable bedroom decor and creative bedroom layouts on the internet to fulfill both of the aforementioned needs and find inspiration for your bedroom.

A false ceiling with recessed lighting and ornate wallpaper, covering all the walls of the room can make a room look luxurious on a budget. Moreover, white tiled flooring can add glamour to the room by brightening up the space.
Similarly, adding full-length velvet padded headboard can add an exquisite lavish appeal and unparalleled comfort to the room.

A Semi-Opulent Bedroom Design

A Wooden-Themed Bedroom Design

The wooden textured bed gives a classic look to the room without making a hole in your pocket. This bedroom design is ideal for someone looking for lavish interiors.

The false wooden flooring can immediately add an uptown vibe to the space. Moreover, adding a light-colored wallpaper that blends with the wooden theme of the room can make the room look cohesive.

For example, opting for a light-colored plain wallpaper can complement solid wood furniture sets including, the bed, nightstand with drawer, wardrobe with built-in mirror, and TV unit, etc.

Apart from with adding a matching or contrasting window dressing will help break the monotony and add dimension to the room.

A Wooden-Themed Bedroom Design

A Contemporary Middle-Class Pakistani Bedroom Design

A room that has a sandstone color scheme with twists of yellow and white is a perfect example of a small middle-class bedroom.

The bed with a bright-colored padded headboard and a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe with loft storage give a peppy vibe that makes it ideal for people who want vibrant interiors.

You can add a floating shelf to the sidewall to add character to the room.

A Contemporary Middle-Class Pakistani Bedroom Design

A Classic & Minimalist Bedroom Design

A bedroom styled with a refreshing white color scheme on the ceiling and the walls has a soulful and warm feel. It looks incredibly gorgeous but is affordable. Moreover, you can uplift the look of the bedroom by adding wooden flooring.

A bedroom with a laminated bed having an extended headboard and a modular or contemporary wall-length wardrobe with closed handleless drawers and an open shelf is the best example of a minimalistic, chic, and classic space.

You can further accentuate the look by adding off-white or white curtains and a warm white floor rug to make the room feel airy and spacious. This bedroom design is perfect for people who have a taste for minimalistic and subtle interiors.

A Classic & Minimalist Bedroom Design


In conclusion, these bedroom design ideas can help you achieve your dream of a middle-class Pakistani home on a budget. However, if you are looking for furniture shops in Lahore, to buy high-quality bedroom furniture, Tarkhan is your place to shop.

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