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Jan 24 Trendy Bed Designs

Trendy Bed Designs to transform the look of your bedroom

Posted on January 24th, 2023 5:09 PM in Furniture Styles

After a long day at work, one place you seek to collapse into is your cozy, warm, and inviting bed, and it feels like a soft hug.

How one feels during the day significantly depends on sleep quality. After getting peaceful sleep at night, you start your morning feeling energized, fresh, and motivated.

Sleep is a vital activity for the body and mind. The human body requires quality sleep of six to eight hours to function and rejuvenate physically.

The bedroom is a place to unwind, so it should be a haven of rest, good vibes, and relaxation.

It is a cohesive effort of styling walls, windows, bedding, lighting, and the color scheme – or maybe a little bit of everything to make this place a calm resting place. If you’ve been thinking of trying out a lighter color palette–perhaps blush, gray, blue, or other neutral or cooler tones, the bedroom is a great place, to begin.

The bed is the focal point and the most significant feature of a bedroom. So, transforming it into a restful retreat requires a careful and considerate bed design. With so many options available in the market, you’ll want to consider longevity, durability, and comfort as the most significant modern bed design elements to select the perfect bed for your space.

We use beds for watching television, OTT shows, and most importantly for sleeping. Given the importance of beds for the home, here are the most sturdy, comfortable, space-friendly home bed designs for a relaxed sleep.

Platform Bed

Platform beds offer the most modern styling to your bedroom by eliminating the footboard. They look best with low-profile box springs and bunky boards to their sleek design. These beds look best in contemporary homes.

Canopy Beds

Canopy beds are one of those classic traditional bed designs that never go out of style. The bedsteads of the canopy bed possess a tall frame to hold curtains that also help keep the heat around sleepers for a comfortable sleeping experience and protect against bugs and mosquitoes. Canopy beds provide high style and good looks to your bedroom. Moreover, Canopy beds serve ornamental purposes besides a sound sleep after work.

Floor Beds

Floor beds are one of the most commonly used and convenient bed designs. These beds are more common for carpeted and wooden floor rooms. Floor beds can accommodate several people by adding extended mattresses.
Platform and floor beds give your home a bohemian look. There are different types of wooden bed designs available on e-commerce platforms; you can choose any design you like depending on your preferences, including price range, brands, wood, etc.

Box Type Bed

The box-type bed is among the most popular bed designs due to its storage capacity. You can store anything in these beds, from winter comforters to clothes to even utensils. These beds offer an excellent way to save space in your home. Box-type beds come in a variety of designs, shapes, and materials.

However, you can always choose a high-quality wooden bed to ensure longevity and durability.

Tips for selecting a box-type bed

  • Generally, box beds have one frame customers can opt for either side-opening drawers or top-opening boxes.
  • For styling, choose a minimalist and elegant-looking design with a headboard.


Buying a good quality bed for your bedroom is not an easy task. Furthermore, you also have to do a lot of research to avoid mistakes. Apart from the bed designs highlighted in the article, if you want to choose a furniture design you don’t regret later, look for these three elements: comfort, material, and durability.

When talking about materials, wood is one of the most comfortable yet durable materials available in the market. The wooden beds do not rust away or corrode like metal beds.

You can consider modern bed designs if you want to transform your bedroom. The minimalist, simple and sophisticated bed sets will help you achieve a cozy place to return to without compromising on the wow factor!

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