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Apr 18Top Dining Room Trends

Top Dining Room Trends of 2024

Posted on April 18th, 2024 11:16 AM in Tips & Ideas

Interior design trends are an ever-changing cycle of pattern, color, and design. When it comes to the dining room, be it an open-plan kitchen-diner or a separate space, it is the central hub for socializing and gathering. From epic weekend feasts to mid-week dinners, the dining table is a place for making new friends, celebrating old ones, and family meetings.

Therefore, it deserves all the special attention. However, if you want to revamp your dining space, this blog is for you. In this blog, we have enlisted the latest dining room trends with a harmonious blend of functionality and esthetics to bring you a dining room inspiration that works for all homes.

From tactile textures and warming woods to chocolatey shades and furniture with curves there’s a fresh emphasis on togetherness and comfort in 2024.

So, let’s have a look at it!

Top Dining Room Trends 2024

Tactile textures

2024 is all about textures and depth. Say goodbye to smooth surfaces and hello to textured finishes in your furniture and interior as it is the year of tactile detail.

You can add texture to your dining space via cabinet doors, splashbacks, work surfaces, walls, handles, and even flooring. There are many ways to experiment and add reeded patterns that are particularly prevalent. You can achieve a dramatic look by mixing this design detail with darker palettes and a soft look with neutral dining room decor.

You may opt for a characterful paneling and saturated wall design to add richness to your dining room. Moreover, you can introduce a complementary wooden dining table and chairs to add texture. However, make sure to add furniture with similar undertones, to make your space look cohesive.


Upholstered dining chairs have always been a staple of traditional dining room furniture. However, many homeowners avoid upholstery for practical reasons, particularly if they have pets or kids. But, thanks to technology, upholstery is about to make a major comeback in 2024 because performance fabrics are widely available and accessible nowadays.

With the array of options available in performance fabric including colors and fun patterns, you can achieve many different dining room looks with upholstered dining chairs around the table.

Upholstered dining chairs with varying patterns and textures are a great way to add character and depth to the dining spaces. The concept of formal dining is evolving, this is the major reason why we are seeing a demand for seating options that are multifunctional and comfortable.

This is why there is an increase in popularity in the use of textiles in the dining room, specifically upholstered dining chairs and patterned fabric, For example, using the seat pad and patterned textiles on the rear of the chair, creates a comfortable yet interesting focal point for your dining area. It provides more tactility and comfort over timber or leather seating options.

Statement Lighting

Recently, statement lighting has become a big trend in interior design. So it is no surprise that it will be popular in dining room design in 2024. Statement lighting can create a dramatic focal point instantly elevating the dining space.

These fixtures range from custom-designed pendants to oversized chandeliers. Statement lights illuminate the dining area and double as works of art. Hence, it is one of the simplest and most effective ways to achieve a classy look for your dining spaces.

Different Paint Choices

White walls are so 2023. 2024 is the year of vibrant and bold paint choices for dining rooms. Keep an eye out for moody color palettes and rich, jewel tones that create a sense of sophistication and drama.

Think of emerald greens, deep blues, and rich berry tones paired with luxurious fabrics and metallic accents. These shades provide a cozy and intimate ambiance, perfect for an elegant dining experience.

Curve Appeal

Curved furniture is the biggest trend alert this year and will continue having a moment in interiors in 2024. Dining chairs with a curved back and padded seats will instantly add a sophisticated and soft feel to the space while providing endless comfort.

Dining tables with circular or curved bases are another popular option. These tables are excellent for adding a sculptural element to your dining space. A curved base dining table will help align your dining space with the trend while keeping your dining table functional.


In conclusion, dining rooms are more than just a space for eating formal meals. These are turning into spaces to entertain, enjoy family time, and host guests for lunch and dinners.

In 2024, dining rooms have become cool communal spaces that you can enhance with fun wall treatments, cool flooring designs, statement furniture, interesting lighting, and whatnot. We have summarized top dining room design ideas for you to assist you set a perfect dining room aesthetic for your space.

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