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Oct 25Dining Room Design

Complete Your Dining Room Design With These Crockery Units

Posted on October 25th, 2023 12:27 PM in Tips & Ideas

A crockery unit stands as an indispensable furniture piece, for creating a well-organised dining or kitchen space. These modern Display cabinets provide a storage solution to safely hold your dishes and tableware while elevating the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Crockery units come in a variety of materials including, glass, plywood, metal, etc., and are available in numerous finishes and colors. So, if you are planning to redo your Dining room decor or organize your cutlery, this blog is for you.

In this blog, we have covered factors you need to consider while choosing a crockery cabinet for your home and some aesthetic crockery cabinet designs that are functional and beautiful enough to organize and display your expensive collection of crockery sets. Pick the design that complements your home’s interior or décor theme.

So, let’s get into it!

Factors for Choosing the Right Crockery Cabinet

Selecting a perfect crockery cabinet for your home can indeed be a daunting task. However, these are four critical factors that you should consider to make an informed choice.

  • Budget Allocation: Determine a Realistic Budget
  • Available Space Assessment: Analyze Your Available Space
  • Material Selection & Finish: Choose Appealing Finish & high-quality Materials
  • Storage Needs: Assess Your Storage Requirements

By considering these factors, you can ensure that your investment complements your interior design and serves your practical needs effectively.

Dining Room Crockery Storage Cabinet Designs

Glassdoor- Crockery Units

As the name suggests these crockery units come with a sheer and transparent glass front. These crockery units are perfect to use in dining or living areas, providing easy storage and display options for crockery and cutlery.

The glass door of crockery cabinets presents a slimmer, sleeker, and more sophisticated look. The best feature about glass crockery units is that you get the freedom to style them in numerous ways. For instance, you can illuminate them by adding string lights.

Moreover, you can go with any type of glass crockery unit including frameless, decorative, sliding, or designed with mosaic. You can use these cabinets as room separators between the dining and living room. In short, no matter where you place them, these cabinets can instantly make your dining room look chic and modern.

Standing Crockery Unit Cabinet

The ceiling-to-floor standing cabinet designs are a remnant of ancient home interiors. With a mix of counters, open shelves, and glass doors, they can help create organized lunch/dinner nooks in your dining space. These cabinets are usually fixed onto the wall to maintain stability and are generally made out of wood. However, you can pick and choose the type of wood according to your preferences, taste, and style.

Wall Mounted Crockery Units

You cannot go wrong with a wall-mounted crockery unit. These convenient, functional, and stylish crockery units are incredibly popular, and for a good reason. They offer a chic way to store your dishes, crockery, and tableware while freeing up valuable counter space. However, these cabinets are convenient to maintain and do not get dirty easily.

These crockery cabinets can be customized in various styles, colors, and finishes to match the décor theme of your kitchen or dining space. If you are looking for a crockery unit for your compact or small dining room organization, this one is for you.

Minimalist Crockery Units

A minimalistic crockery unit is ideal for contemporary house interiors that house modern glassware and crockery. These units comprise a single frame to accommodate all the dining table essentials, with some open shelves, and additional drawers to display decoration items and store napkins or table linens.

These minimalist, simple, fuss-free, and unique crockery cabinets cannot align with traditional interiors but look great in modern settings. They can be fixed with subtle lighting to enhance the overall look. Such chic and sleek crockery units will be a focal point in your dining space, thus, giving a unique appeal to your home.

Modular crockery units

Modular units have lots of shelves and drawers as part of their design, allowing storage for different types of crockery. They combine aesthetics with function and are more compact than traditional crockery units. They can also be designed in unique ways, including as a multi-purpose furniture piece or rotating style.

Floating Crockery Unit

As the name suggests these crockery units are erected against a wall in the Dining room interior. The main purpose of this design is to free up floor space and utilize the vertical space in compact spaces efficiently. This design works great for small spaces since it provides a storage option without constraining the room. Such cabinets are more popular for kitchens to store extra dishes, cutlery, pans, and crockery.

Sideboard Crockery Unit Design Ideas

A sideboard is a perfect addition to the complete dining room used as an extension of the dining table. It is generally used to store napkins, table linen, and other items required in a dining space.

It consists of hinged cabinets and drawers with glass fronts and wooden construction. Some sideboards also have a marble top. They come in various styles, sizes, and materials to fit any interior style.


In conclusion, crockery units can create a perfect dining room design interior. Apart from making your crockery organized these cabinets can uplift the look of your dining space.

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