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May 29Dining Room Lighting Ideas

Dining Room Lighting Ideas to Create the Perfect Ambiance

Posted on May 29th, 2023 10:29 AM in Furniture Styles

Dining room lighting plays a significant role in the atmosphere and decor of your space. This is the reason why you need to focus more on dining room lighting ideas than on any other room in a home. After all, dining rooms wear these different hats, including hosting space for dinner parties, informal family meals, meeting rooms, and workspaces.

Therefore, it is critical to make your dining area lighting work for all the different tasks you usually perform in it from glowy and slow ambient lighting that sets the mood for formal parties and dinners to task lighting, you can work by.

There are three basic types of lighting you need to set up the perfect ambiance for your dining room;

Task light

As the name suggests, a task light is used for a task or work; it includes string and focused lights.

Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting is for distributing light throughout the room and creating a lit-up feel all-over the room.

Accent lights.

Lastly, accent light can be a perfect choice to add drama to a space or highlight a certain area or object of the room (ideal for dining rooms that are used mostly for entertaining or unwinding).

A perfect light choice can add color, style, and texture to a room. You can make a space interesting by using lighting as a focal point, So, if you are looking for small dining room lighting ideas, this blog is for you.

In this blog, we have highlighted dining room lighting trends that will help you to transform your dining space. Let’s begin!

Using spotlights and hanging lights above dining spaces

Whether your dining space is part of an open-plan kitchen or a separate room, the main focus is always going to be the dining table. So, if you are looking for over-dining table lighting ideas, your search ends here.

Pendant lights or hanging lights directly above your dining table can enhance the point of focus. Moreover, it’s also the most practical place to start your lighting scheme.

Pendant lights always work great for dining spaces. Decorative pendants look chic and are popular dining table lights. These lights can make a statement and add character to your dining spaces. For an additional lighting source, you can add spotlights to highlight decorative accessories and pictures on walls and LED lighting within shelving.

Create Clean Lines For a Simple But Striking Effect

It is not always necessary to choose oversized or bold lights to make a statement. If you want your lighting to stand out but prefer a minimal look, creating clean lines can help. Pick a color in contrast with the walls and the ceiling so the structure of light pops against the background.

For example, adding chandelier floats above a simple dining table Furniture can add focus and depth to the natural textures and neutral color palettes.

Use Floor Lamps For Softer Dining Room Lighting

Adding a floor lamp to your dining area can make it look cohesive and well-thought. Floor lamps for the dining room are excellent tools for lighting the corners and edges of the room where hanging or pendant lights might not reach.

It ensures that not all the lighting sources of your dining room come from above to avoid any harsh shadows. Having lights from different sources at different levels is the key to a good lighting scheme in any room.

Dining room lighting is one of the most influential and significant factors in an interior. It is critical to create little areas of light that work together to make a cohesive space that feels like home.

Moreover, you can also use table lamps on credenzas, sideboards, and on dining tables for a perfect ambiance. You can pair floor light sources with a pendant light or chandelier with dimmable bulbs.

The best thing about floor lamps is that they can also be used as an accent or task light if you want to draw attention to furniture like a bar cart or an occasional chair.

You can never go wrong with paper shade

Adding a paper shade above your dining table can transform the look to an extent you would have never imagined. But, for selecting the right paper shade you need to consider its size, weight, and design.

Ensure to select a slightly oversized and good-quality design paper shape with optimum weight to add texture. These features will help the paper shade to disperse the light around the dining room, thus, giving off a warm glow.

Keep It Minimal With Exposed Bulbs

Decorating your dining room with exposed bulbs is a classic look that can never go out of style. Glass drop pendants and exposed bulbs work perfectly as dining room lighting, flooding the dining table with light while adding a glow to the rest of the room.

The ideal way is to hang them low and in groups so they can create a statement look and don’t blend into the background. One pro tip is to choose warm-tinted lightbulbs for a calm and soft look.


In conclusion, dining room lighting can greatly influence the feel of the space. So, if you want your dining area to be welcoming and warm choose warm and tinted lights.

Adding different styles of lights can add depth and character to a space. We hope our guide has helped you to get inspiration for your dining room lighting. Moreover, if you want to revamp your dining space with new furniture. You can check Tarkhan. They are known as one of the best furniture shops in Lahore.

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