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May 26Kids Room Bunk Bed

Redesign Your Kids’ Room with Bunk Beds

Posted on May 26th, 2021 11:13 AM in Furniture Styles,Tips & Ideas

Want to decorate or redesign your kids’ room? Consider replacing a regular bed with a bunk bed! Your kids will absolutely love them!

Kids love bunk beds because they look cool and offer more fun! You will also find them to be convenient too especially when you have a smaller space. An umpteen variety of bunk beds with different styles and designs are available in the furniture stores, and buying a suitable one for your little one can be a daunting task. But don’t worry! We’ve got your back! Here is a comprehensive guide that will make it easier for you to make the right choice!

Think of a Bunk Bed that is most suitable for YOU and YOUR KIDS!

There are many bunk bed options out there! So, before you plan to purchase one for your kids, you need to consider some important things like how much space do you have? Which build material should you consider? How can you add maximum creativity while remaining in your budget? What do your kids prefer? For your ease, I am going to enlist some of the crucial things regarding bunk beds, which will surely help you in making the right decision before making a purchase. So, let’s get started.

Build Material

Wood and metal are the common build materials for bunk beds, and both have their pros and cons.

  • Wood: Wood is popularly used to craft bunk beds. Wooden bunk beds are tremendously versatile in style, shape, and color and are usually more durable, comfortable, and elegant. The only issue with them is that they hold less weight than their metal counterparts, so you need to consider this aspect while opting for the wood option.
  • Metal: Metal bunk beds, on the other hand, are safe, easy to assemble, and more affordable. They are capable of supporting more weight than the wood ones. However, you might not get as much variety in terms of style as you get with the wood, and they are less durable as well.


Bunk beds with different styles are available in the market. Take a look at them and decide what you and your kids prefer.

  • Traditional: With simple, carved wood construction, traditional or classic bunk beds give a kind of everlasting look. Classic twin over twin, with twin bunk beds, one stacked top the other, are the most commonly purchased beds. Twin over full, with a full bed at the bottom, and full over full, with full twin beds, are some variations in this traditional design.
  • Rustic: As the name implies, rustic bunk beds give a more natural and rustic look. They are usually in log form with no paint and give a handmade vibe.
  • Country: With a gentle rather than tough style, these bunk beds will make you feel relaxed with an overall pastoral and old-fashioned vibe.
  • Modern: These bunk beds are an amalgamation of functional and aesthetic values, with captivating clean and efficient designs and wooden or metallic build. They often have steps to the upper bunk that your kids will surely like.
  • Contemporary: This style embodies the element of the present and features contemporary, original, and recent designs. You will find numerous variations in terms of its shapes, themes, and texture.
  • Industrial: These can be metallic and wooden with a heavy-duty, durable, and solid construction.

Which Bunk Beds should you consider for your kids?

Choosing a perfect bunk bed for your kids’ room depends on various factors such as your budget, space, and your kids’ preference. Following are some of the bunk bed options that can fit specific scenarios.

1. Keep it minimalist with classics bunk beds

Simple is beautiful! So, go for a minimal look to make your little ones’ room look larger and clutter-free. Standard and classic twin over twin all-white beds give a cozy and relaxing feel. However, if you feel like all-white might look boring, consider adding a bold pop of color to the décor. Minimalism and color often go hand in hand, giving a relaxing and vibrant feel at the same time.

2. Consider L-shaped Bunk Beds to optimize space

Having a small room and less space means you have to consider all the ideas that can help to maximize the space. Bunk beds already help you when your kids have to share a small room. But you can make use of even a room’s corner and save a lot of space! Sounds interesting? Well, the L-shaped bunk beds will do the work for you! As the name implies, these bunk beds are in an ‘L’ shape, which means that the upper bunk is at a right angle to the lower bunk. Such arrangement will allow you to arrange the bed at one of the corners of the room, hence, making more space by efficiently utilizing the least used areas of a room. Besides, these bunk beds will even give a stylish feel in larger rooms as well.

3. Add Some Creativity with a Loft Bed

Loft beds are similar to bunk beds except that they have only a single upper bunk with floor space below. It is also one of the best solutions to space constraints as the lower area can be used for storage or as more open space. You can utilize this space by making it a play area or a study area for your kids. Numerous loft beds are available in the market, where many of them have a built-in storage space, while others have a desk below the bunk. Loft beds are not only a way of maximizing space in a small room but also a means of adding a taste of creativity!

4. Make accommodation for sleepovers!

Kids often love sleepovers, and a bunk bed can add more fun to it! They are perfect for making accommodations for sleepovers, and the kids will naturally love them more. Trundle bunk beds have a spare bed or a built-in futon beneath the lower bed. You can easily slide that extra bed when you need to make more sleeping space for more kids staying at your place!

Decorate the bunk beds

You can decorate and beautify the bunk beds too. Here is how you can do that:

1. Adorn the Bunk Bed with DIY tricks

Transform the simple regular bunk bed into an “expensive” one with simple DIY tips! These ideas can help you create the best bunk bed for your kids if you have a limited budget! Painting the bed with your kid’s favorite or vibrant colors and beautiful and creative patterns will make it look cuter. For decorating the bed’s frame, utilize buttoned and padded fabric. Such readymade beds can be expensive, but you can create the same feel with DIY. Another way to adorn a bunk bed is the use of curtains, which, besides making the bed attractive, can also serve the purpose of giving more privacy to your kids. Lastly, pillows can also make a bed adorable and fun for kids. So, adding cute and colorful pillows will surely make your kids fall in love with the bed!

2. Customized Bunk Beds

Getting customized bunk beds according to your kids’ liking is also one of the options that can make them extremely happy. Many stores, including online furniture stores, offer furniture customization options, which allow you to freely express your creativity in terms of style, design, color, etc. That means you can have a bunk bed of any color or design that you or your children want!

3. Build your own bunk beds!

Building your own bunk beds is probably the best way to optimize the design, style, and color of the bed according to your preference. Many people consider them because of their cost-effectiveness, guarantee of fine and good quality, and satisfaction they offer. They allow you to express your creativity and manage space. There are many ideas out there that can help you build a perfect bunk bed for your kids. Your kids will also love the idea of decorating them and giving them a personalized touch themselves!

Final Words

In the end, I hope that this article helps you in your struggle of finding the right bunk bed for organizing and redesigning your kids’ room. Now, it’s time to surprise your kids with some refreshing ideas!  

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