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May 18

Give Your Bedroom A Minimalist Look

Posted on May 18th, 2021 9:26 PM in Furniture Styles

Minimalism is a simple yet elegant design style with a “less is more” concept which focuses on reducing ornamentation and incorporating only necessary elements. It is the best way to minimize your furniture and accessories to give a relaxed, serene, and clutter-free look while remaining chic and elegant. The bedroom is one’s place to restore and relax, which means that it needs to be comfortable, cozy, and relaxing, and this is where minimalism works best! The minimalist bedroom look has become increasingly popular during the past several years, which has now crossed the boundaries of the old all-white concepts and embraced many other new décor elements. So, if you want to make your bedroom clutter-free and more relaxing, try the minimalist style. Following are some of the tips that can help you give a minimalist look to your bedroom.

1. Choose Your Bed

Choose Your Bed

The bedroom furniture is the foremost thing when it comes to creating a minimalist look. As it is all about making your room clutter-free and relaxing with minimal furnishings, hefty and extravagant beds usually don’t go well with such an atmosphere. Instead, opt for simple and sleek beds such as simple platform beds or low-profile beds for a perfect minimalist vibe. Use simple and neutral color bedding to further strengthen the coziness of your room. In addition to the simple bed pillows, add a few textured or dark-colored throw pillows to keep your bed balanced.

2. Go for Minimal Bedroom Furniture

Go for Minimal Bedroom Furniture

Besides the bed, keep the other bedroom furniture simple and minimal. Again, furniture with sleek and clean lines rather than highly decorated and elaborated designs flawlessly pulls off the minimalist look. Also, a lot of heavy bedroom furniture such as chests, drawers, and dressers can hinder the minimalist visual. So, try to reduce the furniture as much as possible to make more and clutter-free space. For that, consider adding a single dresser or chest of drawers in your room.

3. Limited Color Palette

Limited Color Palette

Neutral colors are a hallmark of minimalism. These colors give a clean and serene feel, and as we are talking about the room that is supposed to be the most relaxing, they are a perfect choice.  An all-white room with minimal furniture and décor is probably the most common minimalist look that one can think of, but it definitely is not all about white. Other soothing neutral shades such as monochrome shades of gray as well as soft beige are also a perfect fit for giving a relaxing feel. In short, minimalism lies in avoiding the bright and vibrant color palettes and embracing cool and neutral tones.

4. Don’t Like the Bare Walls?

Don’t Like the Bare Walls?

Yes, we know that bare walls are encouraged to give a minimalist, clutter-free and organized look to the room. But that does not necessarily mean that you HAVE TO keep the walls bare! Of course, some might find it a bit boring! So, if simple bare walls do not sit well with your taste, consider adding a little art on the walls. The art can be vibrant and colorful, which can complement the neutral color tone. In the context of minimalism, where less is more, remember to add only a fraction of art rather than the full wall decoration. Adding texture to the walls is another way of making them look beautiful while remaining minimalist. Furthermore, add texture and pattern with a limited palette and artwork to the room with your bedding and accent pieces.

5. Light Up Your Room!

Light Up Your Room!

Lighting is one of the most common aspects of a minimalist room, along with the bed and bedside table. Light itself is almost an accessory in a room that has little furniture. It makes the room look bigger, spacious, neat, modern, cozier, and, in short, more minimal. The best way to light up your bedroom is to bring natural light, so clear away your curtains and let your room glow! Adding some brass pendant lights will also give an elegant appearance to your bedroom.

6. Keep Your Favorite Items Wisely

Keep Your Favorite Items Wisely

Okay! Let’s say that getting rid of all the junk and making your room organized and clutter-free is the essential step in achieving minimalism in your décor and room. But that does not mean that you need to make your room devoid of all the other things! Minimalism is about being simple and organized and not about being “empty”. You just need to make things simple and organized, that’s it! You can keep some of your favorite books, magazines, and other accessories within your reach by placing them neatly on a shelf. But try sticking to a single shelf! Experts also suggest using hidden storage for storing away your knick-knacks and items for decluttering.

Wrapping Up!

In my opinion, a minimalist look is the best, especially for your bedroom. So, reduce your bedroom furniture, choose the right bed, and decorate your bedroom with simplicity to not only make it more relaxing but also chic and elegant!

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