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Oct 19Ideal Wardrobe Dimensions

What Are The Ideal Wardrobe Dimensions For Your Home?

Posted on October 19th, 2023 8:16 PM in Tips & Ideas

A wardrobe is a staple in any room that can break or make the look of the room. An ideal wardrobe is one that fulfills all your requirements and fits into your space perfectly.

The biggest issue we face in our wardrobes is space crunch and the main reason for this is either an ill-designed wardrobe or mis-organization. However, picking the right wardrobe size and efficient design plays a vital role in making your room look organized, clean, and clutter-free.

Therefore, it is critical to pay special attention to the planning of a wardrobe design and choosing closet dimensions while considering the needs or requirements. A typical wardrobe design revolves around a combination of drawers, hanging closets, and shelves, used for storing clothes, jewelry, accessories, and shoes.

However, before purchasing a new wardrobe, it is essential to make a list of your requirements, which should include the number of shelves, drawers, and the length of the hanging closet you will need for hanging your clothes. It will help you choose Ideal wardrobe dimensions.

So, if you are planning to re-do your wardrobe design or order a new wardrobe for your room online, this blog is for you. In this blog, we have mentioned a detailed wardrobe dimensions guide so you can get a perfect wardrobe size for your home, that suits your requirements, preferences, and budget, thus making an efficient use of every inch of space in your wardrobe.

So, let’s get into it!

What are the standard wardrobe layout considerations?

It is crucial to pay special attention to wardrobe dimensions for small spaces, to avoid clutter and maximize room functionality. A standard rule of thumb is to plan about 10 percent of space for shelves, 10 percent for shoes, and 15 percent for drawers.

The rest of the wardrobe starts with 25 percent hanging space for long items and 40 percent for short items. Here is the detailed overview of the drawer, shoe rack, and door dimensions of a standard Almirah or wardrobe.

Drawers Dimensions

The depth of the drawers in a wardrobe varies as per the use. For example, the standard dimensions for drawers used to store accessories should be 4 to six inches, and for clothes and garments, it should be 8 inches.

Dimensions for Shoe Racks

The height of a standard shoe rack should be 7 to 8 inches to comfortably store shoes. You can customize the design dimensions in some instances, such as thigh-high or knee-high boots.

Standard Door Dimensions

The regular double-door almirah is 4 feet wide, 6.5 feet high, and 1.83 to 2 feet deep. However, these dimensions may vary in the case of a vintage design.

Standard Dimensions for Different Wardrobe Styles

Standard Swing Wardrobe Dimensions

A hinged or swing wardrobe is a staple in home interiors because its basic design can be tailored to fit all requirements and styles. You can add on a loft, and divide it into shelves, drawers, and hanging space. This basic wardrobe design also gives you the creative freedom to design the shutters as per your preference. The standard size for this wardrobe design is 2 feet in depth and 7 feet in height. Moreover, the size and number of the door(s) can vary depending on the width of the closet.

Sliding Wardrobe Dimensions

The sliding wardrobe design has the same dimensions as a swing wardrobe, a depth of 2 feet, 7 feet of height, and variable width. The number of sliders can vary between 2 to 4 shutters depending on the width of the closet.

Walk-in Wardrobe Dimensions

As the name suggests walk-in closets, give you the ultimate freedom to design them precisely as per your requirements and needs. These wardrobes have a combination of drawers, hanging areas, lofts, and shelves.

However, one factor that matters the most in the case of a walk-in wardrobe is the depth. The wardrobe depth should ideally be 2 feet or 24 inches to enjoy an Optimal wardrobe space for hanging.

In the case of shelves and drawers, you can reduce the depth by a few inches. Whether you have a galley or an island layout with storage on either side, the clearance should be a minimum of 3 feet or 36 inches. One pro tip is to opt for war sliding doors instead of hinged ones if the walk-in closet is narrow or has awkward spots.

Standard Loft Wardrobe Dimensions

Lofts offer a great storage option for seasoned items such as winter wear, extra linens, rain gear, etc. In cases of both built-in closets of standard wardrobe size or standard walk-in closet dimensions, it makes sense to extend the height to the ceiling and use up the additional space. While the standard depth remains the same at 2 feet, the height depends on the dimensions of the ceiling.


In conclusion, we hope that this comprehensive guide will help you in choosing the best wardrobe for your room with the standard wardrobe dimension plans that are a perfect fit for your needs.

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