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Mar 17Modern Cupboard Designs

Modern Cupboard Designs For Clutter Free Bedroom

Posted on March 17th, 2023 10:07 AM in Life Style

The perfect cupboard keeps functionality and aesthetics intact. Therefore buying or designing one requires a lot of extensive research and planning. Doing so will make your life easy and your bedroom cupboards look clutter-free.

Additionally, a modern cupboard design for the bedroom can set the spirit and style of your room. Hence, everyone desires a clutter-free and aesthetic bedroom. However, the no. 1 way of getting this is through a cupboard with ample storage space. You need a cupboard that can hold your clothes, bedsheets, books, documents, jewelry, and other daily-use items.

You can go for a modern glass wardrobe for large-sized bedrooms to a sliding cupboard for a small bedroom. In this article, we have prepared a list of six modern bedroom cupboard designs that fit any bedroom’s layout and storage needs. So let’s dive in.

Cupboard With a dressing table

For the contemporary cupboard design bedroom of your dreams, use the closet design that reaches the ceiling to give extra storage without taking up extra space. The handleless cupboard adds to the elegant feel of your room.

You can use the small corner by turning it into a dressing table. A small chair and mirror are all that you need. Install vanity lights over the mirror for proper lighting. This design is a convenient and safe space otherwise occupied with a separate dressing table with a cupboard in the bedroom.

Wall-to-wall cupboard

A fitted wall-to-wall cupboard does not take extra floor space and still provides lots of space to stay organized. This closet design makes the bedroom look more open by covering the whole wall from ceiling to floor.

Additionally, it is a great cupboard bedroom design for a shared closet because of the storage area. The sliding door looks chic and helps to make the most of the wall space. Ensure to choose lighter colors for such cupboard design, as it will help make the room appear less stuffed.

Corner cupboard

The corner closet is one of the most trendy and functional designs of bedroom cupboards. It lets you fully utilize the corner space of the room that remains wasted otherwise. An L-shaped corner closet will help you make the most of the available space. It is a great design for compact bedrooms.

Additionally, if you use this closet design in a kid’s bedroom, incorporating a study table will be ideal. This cupboard looks symmetrical and well-fitted thus, giving a sleek look to the room.

Cupboard as a headboard

If you have a small or compact bedroom space, you know the significance of any extra storage. Using cupboards as headboards of the bed is the pinnacle of storage and functionality.

Concealed cupboards added above the bed make the rest of the room feel open. The drawers at the bottom of the closets can also serve as extra storage spaces. You can utilize it as a display shelf or a bookshelf.

Cupboards around the doorway

This cupboard design is another way of utilizing any available space. Cupboards fitted near the door look modern and serve the purpose by making use of the space above, which is hardly utilized. It runs from ceiling to floor and wall to wall. You can use this space in your bedroom to store luggage or seasonal clothes and blankets.

Cupboard with a seating space

A cupboard with a seating arrangement in the middle of cabinets, especially near a window, is everything you need to create a chic bedroom. Natural light from the window enhances the ambiance of your bedroom. This space can be used for conversations, coffee, and even an afternoon nap.

Make this nook comfy by adding bedding and cushions. You can use the storage below to store bed linens and knick-knacks.


In conclusion, if you want your bedroom to look fresh, intact, and clutter-free, having enough storage space is a must. It is only possible with a well-defined cupboard that fits the layout and needs of your bedroom.

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