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Mar 09Arrange L-Shaped Sofa in Living Room

How to Arrange L-Shaped Sofa in Living Room?

Posted on March 9th, 2023 11:39 AM in Life Style

L-shaped sofas are the most versatile sofas, coming in different colors, sizes, and styles. These modern sectional sofas work great in apartments and houses to provide ample seating space in all room sizes.

One thing to consider while choosing L-shaped sofa designs for small living rooms, and apartments, is that they should offer the maximum seating space without eating into the room’s available area.

Another factor to consider is the purpose of the sofa — do you want to use it as a cozy nook to watch TV, host guests, or separate the living room from the dining area?

You can also use them to create a cozy and inviting lounge area to relax and put your feet up or make it a show-stopping and dramatic centerpiece in your living room.

L-shaped sofa designs also offer an excellent way to divide the living and dining rooms from the working space. The possibilities are endless, which is why L-shaped couches, are so functional for both large and small spaces.

There are plenty of ways you can arrange these sofas in your living space. In this blog, we have highlighted the three most functional and popular ways to arrange an L-shape sofa in the living room. Let’s have a look at them.

L-shaped sofa layout

Nestled against a window wall

By placing an L-shaped couch against a window, you can create an inviting spot for relaxing and reading. It can be the perfect place to unwind after a busy day while bathing in the sun’s light and warmth or spending a lazy weekend.

One pro tip is to choose neutral colors to add a serene ambiance to the room and keep the focus on natural light. To pep things up a little, you can pair a neutral-colored couch with some colorful cushions.

Demarcating two different living spaces

The length of an L-shaped sofa provides a great way to create a separation between two parts of a room. For instance, the L-shaped sofa could be placed in front of a television to create a lounge, and the other half of the room can be used to dine.

If you use an L sofa design with a low or no back in the chaise section, you can soften the division between the two parts of the room.

Moreover, if you want to emphasize the separation, you can use slightly different but complimentary colors in the two rooms you have created or on their furniture and accessories.

To tie the rooms together, you can echo the color scheme of one half of the space in the accessories, such as its rugs and cushions in the other half.

In the center of the room

This type of layout is ideal for those who love having company over to chat the night away and have a large lounge to entertain themselves.

Letting the L shape sofa design take center stage means devoting the middle space of your room to the sofa. Typically, it is placed around a fireplace to offer comfort, warmth, and a sense of togetherness.

You can place more armchairs at the open end of the sofa if your room is large enough to create more space within the semi-circular zone that you have formed. Choose neutral colors on the walls and furniture, and mix them with bold splashes of color through accent pillows or richer-toned tables, shelves, or cabinets.


In conclusion, the L-shape is an incredibly versatile furniture piece that can be arranged in multiple ways to give the same living room a fresh and new look. Follow these tips and tricks to revamp your same old living space.

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