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Sep 09How to alter your lounge according to your requirements.

How to alter your lounge according to your requirements.

Posted on September 9th, 2020 4:12 AM in Uncategorized

alter yourWe spend most of our time in the lounge, especially since the Corona pandemic & work from home being the new normal. Whether it’s time for your favourite binge watch or meet up over tea with your friends, your lounge is always the first place your visitors see.. So, it must be one place that’s always well kept, neat, tidy, and welcoming. If you’re looking to alter your lounge on a small budget, keep reading this article because here you might find some interesting tips that can help!

c – Cool, vibrant, wall colors

Repaint the walls of your lounge to refresh the overall look of your room. One interesting way of making it more presentable and attractive is to paint one of the walls with a dark scheme of colours like shades of maroon or blue and the rest of the walls with light colours like caramel or light green. While choosing colours, keep in mind the colour of your furniture as well. You can use a contrasting colours scheme or you can do the matching too. For example if you have wooden furniture you can use maroon colour on one wall and caramel on the rest of others.

A dash of furniture renovation

Simplest way to renovate your furniture is changing its colour either with varnish or paint on wooden furniture or change the covers of your sofas and sittings. You can also just work on the cushions to give it a new look. Mix and match colours with the walls and curtains. If you don’t want to change covers you can also use table runners or traditional sheets like those of ajrak to give a new look to your sofas. But don’t overdo it.

Alter Your Lounge – Use Soft Lightings

To give your lounge a comfy look you can always trick it with light variations. Use lamps to keep the room well lit instead of using regular tube lights. You can put a lamp and a rocking chair at one corner to make it your reading space or even binge watching. Perhaps, you can get more creative and renovate old worn out lamps by painting them as a DIY.

Mirror Mirror on the wall!

Placing a rectangular mirror on one of the walls gives the room an elegant look as well as it creates an illusion of some extra open space in the room.

Décor Pieces

You can always give your lounge a certain look with some beautiful decoration pieces as per the theme you have in mind, like, boho -chic look, retro look, urban style, etc. Either, you can make it look like a modern lounge or give it an old school look by using some antiques styled decor pieces, or some ancestral items.. Decorate your walls with frames and paintings. It is always a great idea to introduce your lounge to some colorful arts.

Create a Library/ Memory Space

Revisit your memories by placing some photographs on the wall or on some corner tables. You can also decorate your walls with a books library, either placed on a wooden shelf or wall-to-wall book cabinet. You will easily find many DIY videos too on the internet that you can take inspiration from.

Alter Your Lounge – Indoor plantings

Greenery is always a treat to our eyes, a relaxing atmosphere to live in. You can place some indoor plants like Monstera which are quite adaptable to all conditions and also low on maintenance or, perhaps some beautiful, colorful bonsai plants, a perfect treat for the eye!

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