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Feb 27Decorate the Corner of the Living Room

Ideas to Decorate the Corner of the Living Room

Posted on February 27th, 2023 11:37 AM in Life Style

It is a never-ending quest to use every inch of space around the home, especially corners. The corners of a room are the most tricky part to deal with and are usually awkward and wasted. In this blog, you will learn great corner decoration tips.
Whether you are planning a remodel or need rearrangement corner decoration ideas for the existing furniture layout. This blog is for you.

1. Place A Freestanding Cabinet In A Corner

Corners can serve as great storage space if utilized properly. For instance, placing a freestanding storage cabinet can do the job well. They come in a range of designs to accommodate different living room decoration styles. So, you don’t have to necessarily compromise good looks for the sake of extra stowaway spots.
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You can store anything in these cabinets such as soft furnishings like cushions and throws or use these as a quick place to tidy books, toys, and paperwork away when not in use.

2. Fit In A Window Seat

If it’s a window corner, then a window seat is a decoration idea. This seat can add an element of style to your living room corner and can serve as an extra seating space for eating, reading, or simply enjoying the view beyond.
However, one factor to consider while designing a storage bench beneath a window is the proportions of the seat. If you make them too skinny they will not serve the purpose of seating space and will barely be used as they aren’t comfortable.

Moreover, the window seat needs to be at an optimal height so it is easy to get off and on. Ideally, they should be between 50cm and 60cm in height.

3. Place a sectional sofa

Sectional sofas are made for corner room design. They can also be a great way to turn the abandoned and vacant corner spot of your living room into the comfiest and most coveted spot for lounging. Another plus for this layout is that you may wire other decoration elements with it.

For instance, a sectional sofa looks great when paired with a low-height coffee table. You can search for ideas on the internet to see what kind of corner table design will suit your sectional sofa.

Moreover, you can also place some reading lamps on the walls above, or floor lamps beside the sofa.

4. Dedicate A Corner To A Gallery Wall

One of the most interesting ways to light up the boring corners of the living room is to turn it into a gallery wall by hanging artwork together in a cluster. You can look for wall corner design ideas to decide which prints, paintings, or fabric will anchor the scheme of your living room.

If you want to create a statement with your gallery wall, then opt for a maximalist approach. Try to mix and match different frames for a more eclectic display as you can never have too much art.

5. Set Up A Space For Home Working

The shift in the working model of the offices after COVID has made the desks and workspaces creep into the most unlikely locations, such as living rooms, lounges, and even bedrooms.

However, with a careful living room layout, it’s possible to turn an empty and wasted corner into a useful dual-purpose space that can serve as an office workspace and a space for kids to do their homework.

The key is to go for a built-in desk, which folds up as a shelf when not in use, thus keeping the room ordered. You can position efficient overhead lighting to make the most of the space.


In conclusion, there are countless ways to utilize corner space in a living room without distorting the style of the room. We hope these room corner decoration ideas can help you figure out how you can play with your corner space in an interesting way.

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