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Jul 12Double-Decker Beds For Kids

6 Designs Of Double-Decker Beds For Kids

Posted on July 12th, 2023 11:25 AM in Furniture Styles

Are you excited to set up your kid’s bedroom and looking for high-end Kids’ Furniture? If you want to make their nap time fun by investing in a bed that can serve the purpose and looks great, then this blog is for you. In this blog, we have highlighted some great designs of Double-Decker Beds For Kids. So keep reading!
The way you design your kid’s room plays a crucial role in their development and growth. Kids have maximum receptivity and pick up on things from their surroundings.

So, having an encouraging and positive environment is vital for building a strong personality and character. Urban living and modern-day compact apartments often do not offer space for indoor activities.

However, space-saving furniture can be a creative solution providing the kids with enough space to exhibit their creativity and have fun. Kids’ Double Bed is a great way to make the room clutter-free while leaving enough space for an indoor play area or a study desk.

Here are the six most useful Designs Of Kid’s Beds; let’s explore.

Double-Decker Bed with Space For Indoor Activities

This Kid’s Bed design is perfect for kids with a knack for physical activities and adventure. It frees up enough space in the room to install a rock climbing wall to engage kids in healthy physical activities while entertaining them. This bed comes with a wall-mounted bookshelf and features an enclosed space that can be used as a study area. One pro tip is to use a light color scheme to give an illuminated and spacious vibe to the room. Moreover, you can also use spotlights to make the bed well-lit.

Metal Frame Double-Decker Bed

Metal furniture looks chic. It also lends a clutter-free look to your home interiors. The unisex design of this double-decker bed makes it convenient to use in either girls’ or boys’ bedrooms.

The sleek design of this bed keeps the rest of the room fuss-free, thus, providing ample space to move around. The quirky wall-mounted shelves are great for displaying showpieces, books, or toys. One tip to style metal beds is to place them against a bright-colored accent wall that brings vibrance to the room, making it playful and fun. Moreover, you can add a cute pouf or an accent chair in the room for some additional seating options.

Double-Decker bed with Multiple Storage Options

The unique design of this double-decker bed with multiple storage options makes it a great addition to the guestroom. It comes with intelligent storage space and is very versatile.

Moreover, it has a double bed beneath and a bed above, thus, offering enough room to accommodate last-moment guests. The double-decker bed design features several cupboards and wall-mounted shelves to easily arrange stationery, books, and clothes.

A Classic Wooden Double-Decker Bed

If you like a traditional and old-school vibe then this wooden double-decker bed is perfect for your kid’s room. It has a Scandinavian style. Moreover, the minimalist design, dark brown wood, and clean lines make it easy to maintain.

This wooden bed is perfect to lend a serene vibe to the space. It comes with a built-in wall-to-wall wardrobe having multiple storage units to accommodate, toys, clothes, and books. The large windows let ample fresh air and natural light into the room. The minimal interiors of this double-decker bed make it a showstopper of the kid’s room while letting your kids have a comfortable sleeping experience.

Double-Decker Bed with in-built space for Books & toys

It’s easy for a kid’s room to end up looking unorganized and cluttered because of their huge collection of books and toys. Therefore, it is crucial to invest in multifunctional furniture with intelligent storage options to maintain a tidy room.

This double-decker bed design features cabinets, multiple shelves, a tall unit, drawers, two comfortable beds, and stairs with hidden storage. The all-in-one double-decker bed design can easily fit in any room with varying sizes without taking up extra floor space. You can add some pendant lights in fun shapes and patterned wallpaper to make your kid’s room look even more fun and playful.

Twisted Double-Decker Bed

It is crucial to extend exploration and experimentation into our spaces to let our kids exhibit their creativity and experience growth.

The twisted double-decker bed design is an excellent example of experimentation. It has an odd angle combination; with the bed at the bottom and a seating zone on top. Moreover, the bed has a slanting angle to accommodate a study space on the side. Not only this, the twisted bed offers an excellent way to use free space on the wall with multiple storage shelves at different levels along the way.


In conclusion, bunk beds have forever been every kid’s dream. The unique composition of these beds with exceptional storage and creative options for the kids have made these a step up from what everyone’s used to.

So, if you are looking for a space-saving, stylish, and chic bed for your kid or guest room that can accommodate two or more persons and a ton of items, then you should invest in a bunk bed.

We have highlighted six amazing bunk bed designs that will enhance the creative abilities of your kid by offering enough space for indoor activities. However, if you are looking for the best furniture stores in Lahore, Tarkhan has it all.

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