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Nov 11 Home Furniture Trends

2020 Home Furniture Trends

Posted on November 11th, 2020 11:05 AM in Life Style

While you are going to refurbish your home, always look out for what is trendy. The truth is that each year brings a new trend that might evolve and give value to your taste for designing. Due to the pandemic, the work is being done from home to adhere to the measures instructed by the world authorities to deter the virus from spreading. People often choose the lounge spaces in homes and for that, they look into certain furniture trends which could help to create the space in the lounge and make it satisfying and appealing. This article will update you about the latest trends in furniture that you can adopt for your home and make it capacious. Browse some amazing Home Furniture Trends from Tarkhan.pk.

1. Home Furniture Trends – Cane, Wicker, and Rattan

This is an old and orthodox style. Cane and rattan take you back to the time of the early 20th century and are trendy these days. It adds a soulful feeling to your homes.

2. Home Furniture Trends – Made-to-order pieces

Custom-made designed furniture is back in business. It is observed that hand-made furniture because of its uniqueness and dexterity is becoming more popular this year. The classic craftsmanship is available online now that makes it possible for people to get the desired furniture product and enjoy aesthetics and culture in modern times

3. Vintage Galore

Millennials want modern comfort and a unique style. Their enthusiasm for antiques has become a trend. You can see vintage colors and designs used on the material of today which is great!

4. Design Blues

Blue seems to be in trend as many designers are not only using this color for their new collection but also launching it with the name of blue series, blue classic, blue is the millennial pink.

5. Curves

A curved sofa is trendy again with its soft, romantic feel. 2020 seems to support curvy and gentle-looking structural designs with rectilinear, elegant asymmetrical pieces that create a softer environment in your home.

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