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About us

The idea of beauty and taste, as well as attention to detail, are our guidelines. Our mission is to build from reliable and trustworthy designs to deliver the best furniture available online. On Tarkhan.pk, you will find the right inspiration to acquire the furniture of your dreams. We provide quality and beauty at an affordable price. Choose Tarkhan.pk if you are looking for quality furniture online. All our furniture is made by highly-skilled Pakistani artisans, with their expertise in years of wood-crafting.

With the use of durable material in our furniture, we enable our customers to do hassle-free online shopping at their convenience. Tarkhan crafts furniture that is ideal for every place of your home and stands for itself in your rooms. Our motto is to provide our customers with beautiful, easy to use and easy to buy furniture supported by robust online business model.

Our range from classic style furniture to modern style do not compromise on the comfort of your home. It’s unique style is not just a beautiful treat to your eyes but also adaptable and eclectic for the environment of your rooms.

Who We ARE

Quality Furniture Online

Your home can never be complete without furniture. It is the most important part of your home decor and essentials. Your home furniture speaks for your personality and adds value to the mood of your visitors so it must be presentable and classy enough to give best first impression of your home. Along with appearance you also want your furniture to be comfortable and provides you luxury along with style. To buy furniture online in Pakistan Tarkhan should be your best choice. Here style and luxury comes together with best price.

Home Furniture

It is every woman’s and homemaker’s desire to decorate her home with best furniture that bring out the best look of her home. At tarkhan we understand the unique choices of our customers. This spring get ready to decorate your home with best colors and lively ideas. Buy furniture from Tarkhan online and get free home delivery all over the Lahore city. This season enjoy by finding the furniture of your choice. At our online store you can take a look at the detailing of the furniture while sitting at home sipping your tea.

Quality Furniture Available Online Now

This is the era of online shopping and it has become a common practice to buy clothes and grocery while sitting at home. So why not home furniture? We at tarkhan provide you with the opportunity to buy the best furniture for your homes and office online with free home delivery all over Lahore city. Tarkhan will never fail to provide you with quality, style and luxury at affordable prices. So now you don’t have to worry about buying furniture with hectic shopping routines and high prices, just check out our online store and get comfort at zero expense.

Comfortable and Stylish Furniture

We focus on your requirements and choices of home furniture. It’s understandable that your home is your personal space. You want it to be presentable and the best comfort zone for you and your guests. We offer you elegant looking, luxurious home furnishings. Which includes stylish living room furniture, comfortable bedroom essentials. Also, with great space provider for keeping your stuff safe and eye-catching dining-room furniture. Not just this, we also take care of your workspace and provide you a great variety of comfortable office furniture with executive look. Explore our website and buy furniture online now.

Modern and High Quality Furniture

The world is growing each day and compromising on your choices is just not okay in the modern world. Home décor with high quality, modern looks, and comfortable design is your choice. We make sure that you get it with few clicks from the comfort of your home. Get the best furniture with elegant finishing and affordable prices at our online store and get it delivered to your doorstep all over Lahore City.


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