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Apr 14furniture cleaning hacks

Wood furniture cleaning hacks you can’t afford to miss

Posted on April 14th, 2020 10:09 AM in Tips & Ideas

Wooden furniture is an excellent choice because of its attractive appearance, which adapts to any interior design. However, over some time, wooden furniture will accumulate dirt that cannot be removed with regular dusting. Therefore, you should take special care to clean your wood furniture without causing damage. In case you select to try DIY, we offer you worthy tips, which can help cope with the given deal. Sometimes dusting is not enough, and you should try another method. So, we’ve provided a list of furniture cleaning hacks to assist you with making your furniture look nice and fresh.

How do you protect your wooden furniture from damage and dirt?

1. Plants location

At first glance, the position of the system does not seem to be a big problem. However, this can affect the appearance of the furniture. Plant nectar can damage your wood products. Therefore, it makes sense to keep plants away from wooden furniture.

2. Keep your wooden furniture away from the influence of heating

You may be wondering why it’s not worth keeping furniture away from the influence of heat. The answer is simple: it can hurt. So pay attention to this vital factor.

3. Furniture Cleaning Hacks – Coasters

If you don’t want your wooden table to age too quickly, you’ll need to use coasters every time you put a cup of coffee or tea in it. Coasters protect your furniture from dirt or scratches.

4. Furniture Cleaning Hacks- Daily care

Regular cleaning and dusting of your furniture should be your habit. For a comfortable and pleasant house, elegant furniture is the key to the success of this agreement. If you like antiques, you should be ready for your unique treatment.

5. Avoid sweating. Put your wooden objects

Sweat contains lactic acid and salts, which can damage the surface of furniture. So don’t put dirty personal things on it.

Steps to make your wooden furniture beautiful

Dust regularly

It is important to dust the furniture regularly. Failure to do so has unintended consequences that can scratch the surface of your furniture. Dusting furniture 3-4 times a week is enough to keep it clean. It is also useful to use a woolen fabric.


Soapy water

This is an excellent way to clean wooden furniture but not the right solution for regular use.


Commercial cleaners

They are made up of powerful components which will certainly help you to clean your furniture. The disadvantages of using this method include chemicals that can harm human health and a price that may not be affordable for ordinary people.

Homemade cleaning products

There are countless products that most of us have at home, even without taking into account that they have excellent cleaning properties.
If you read the hacks described below, you will become familiar with many tips with which you can clean wooden furniture easily, effectively, and inexpensively.

1. Vinegar

One of the most popular and useful products for cleaning wood furniture is vinegar. Vinegar can help you deal with many dirt types. You can use it anywhere at home: in the kitchen, living room, bathroom, etc. Without a doubt, cleaning the whole house is very useful.

2. Vinegar in olive oil

Mix the vinegar and olive oil in half and wipe off the dusty furniture. If you don’t have olive oil at home, you can easily use water as a substitute. The next step is to polish your dry, shiny furniture. You will be surprised by an excellent result. Also, there is another ingredient that can be combined with vinegar: lemon juice. Similarly, Vinegar and iodine can help hide scratches and remove water rings from the wooden table or chair.

3. Shoe cleaning Polish

To hide some stains on your beloved wooden furniture, you can use shoe polish. It may sound strange, but overall, it’s an excellent way to fix the above problem. To achieve a desirable result, you should know that purchasing a shoe polish of the same colour as your wooden furniture is a prerequisite to avoid unwanted effects such as damage to the surface of your furniture.

4. Nut oils

Nut oils are beneficial for maintaining your wooden objects. These prevent and mask scratches. The same effect can be achieved by using cooking oils. Why pay more when you can take advantage of improvised products?

5. Vaseline

If there are circles of water on your wooden table, you can apply petroleum jelly and leave it on overnight. They will disappear.

6. Beer

Did you know that beer can light up your wooden furniture? Dip the woolen cloth in the beer and clean the surface of the furniture. Then dry it again with the new one. That’s all you’ve reached your goal!

7. Black tea

Fill the cup with boiling water and put 3-4 tea bags in it. Let stand for half an hour until the water has cooled. Clean your products with the specified potion. This process gives your furniture its natural beauty and shine.


Most of us love the eternity of wood products and prefer to have them at home. Those who have such furniture know how difficult it is to deal with water circles and traces on the surface of beloved wooden furniture.
We hope our tips above can help you reach your goal and keep the furniture in good condition for as long as possible. As already mentioned, the specified type of furniture can be combined with different kinds of decoration. However, if you want your furniture to be beautiful for a long time, you should pay special attention to regular cleaning.

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