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Jul 07 Tips for Designing a Perfect Living Room in 2020

Tips for Designing a Perfect Living Room in 2020

Posted on July 7th, 2020 11:11 AM in Tips & Ideas

The living room is the hub of most homes, and this season the living room is probably working overtime. Here’s, three-pointers ensuring you are always able to put this ever-important space to good use. The kitchen might have the distinction of being the house’s soul, but the living room is really where most of your living takes place. The odds are that you want to make that living as relaxed as possible for you and your family, not to consider any visitors that pop in along the way.

To make the most of this season’s gatherings (and those that happen year-round), three basic tenets will ensure that you own a living room that is always ready to go when guests come.

Designing a Perfect Living Room – Size Up the Essentials

A fashionable living room design starts with a straightforward thing: The sofa. An appropriately chosen sofa anchors the place and gives the largest chunk of available seating for guests. A great rule of thumb is to find the largest sofa you can that is also equivalent to the space in which it is placed.

You need a sofa that can seat as many people as possible but is not so large that it dominates your actual space. To avoid this, make sure that you allot for at least a 2-foot cushion on both sides of the sofa. Be sure to keep that cushion when considering any companion storage, seating, and table surfaces.

Define a Focal Point

The TV is a common choice these days as a living room focal point. And there is nothing wrong with this. If the unit you have is especially lovely—and you use it regularly—there’s no real reason to change that focal point for hanging out with the family every day.

For certain gatherings where a conversation is encouraged, you don’t have to get rid of the TV. But it would help if you considered covering it and instead direct awareness toward more intimate points, such as a coffee table is necessary to a seating area. This can be achieved by brightening and directing lighting away from the TV, and by replacing any supplemental seating to face the table and sofa.

Designing a Perfect Living Room – Make it Comfortable and Flexible

Simply placed, people don’t desire to spend time in a place that feels uncomfortable. The furniture itself is of the highest importance in creating a comfortable space. Consider how soft or hard you want upholstered furniture to feel. From there, add optional flexibility like throw pillows or blankets for guests to use as they wish.

And always keep in mind that word: “Space.” Your living room should be simple to locate and to move around in, not just sit in. And you don’t want guests falling over each other. So when ordering furniture, make sure you allow for at least a couple feet of clearance between each piece. Doing so will defend shins from hitting the coffee table, but it will also keep the living room from appearing cluttered and claustrophobic.

In terms of flexibility, there are two ways that Designing a perfect living room can adapt just as quickly.

  • Modular furniture
    Seating that is comfortable yet manageable makes it simple to adjust the scene, move occasional chairs and ottomans to face the TV, or put them in a loose circle to promote socializing with others sitting on the sofa. Particular sectional sofas can achieve the same thing by owning an adjustable chaise lounge.
  • Light layering
    You can adjust about any social situation with light, particularly lighting that you can dim and direct precisely how you require. A mix of compact table and floor lamps can increase overhead can lights or delayed fixtures. Each light source should be independently controllable to create the perfect lighting scheme.

With that, you are ready for the party to begin (and always will be)!