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May 17Storage Solutions for Your Dining Room

8 Functional Storage Solutions for Your Dining Room

Posted on May 17th, 2023 12:17 PM in Furniture Styles

Dining spaces are the multi-functional spaces in our homes. We use them for everything from home-working to eating. It acts as an excellent space for hiding away everyday clutter; in open-plan spaces, to hide all items not remotely related to dining, and for smaller homes, these might take the pressure off the kitchen.

So, if you are looking for bespoke dining room storage ideas for making your space look tidy and beautiful for occasions when you open your home to family and friends, this blog is for you!

In this blog, you will learn some practical dining room organization ideas that will help you to make room to enjoy a special family meal. The main idea is to create a space with good storage that looks stylish and welcoming.

You can find a lot of multi-functional storage pieces in the market that work well in any dining space and will give you the experience of the loving, welcoming, and ideal dining room you have been looking for.

1. Invest in built-in cupboards

Built-in storage is a great storage idea as it fits the space. If you are looking for small dining room storage ideas for apartments, invest in built-in cupboards or slim units. It will provide an uncluttered and clean look, unlike busy surfaces and open shelves.

Space planning is crucial to maximize the available space and use it properly. It has to start at the beginning of a project when you are planning to build wardrobes and cupboards.

Moreover, the best way to avoid routes; being blocked is to mark out the needed space on the floor. There are plenty of dining room cabinet ideas; you can find on the internet to seek inspiration for the design.

2. Utilize Under Stair Space

If you have a limited workspace in the kitchen consider investing in an under stair dining room storage nook. It is a great way to maximize space in smaller homes. Utilizing under-stairs space as a storage solution can help create a functional space out of unused space and de-clutter to a great extent.

3. Plan out Vertical Space In Small Dining Rooms

Utilizing vertical space is one of the best small dining room storage ideas. If you want to max out storage space in a wall, consider planning floor-to-ceiling vertical cabinetry to store everything from tableware to paperwork. However, when designing tall cabinets, ensure they do not dominate the space.

4. Hide Clutter In Sideboards

Recently, sideboards have gained much popularity; due to the exceptional dining room table options, they offer. Traditionally designed to store cutlery and glassware, these sideboards are now being used in modern homes for storing and hiding away home office paperwork and family games.

Another advantage of this low-slung piece of furniture is that it allows decor above the surface, including lighting, art, and other decor elements creating a focus.

5. Mix Closed & open Storage spaces

Mixing up open and closed storage space is a clever trick to avoid overcrowding in a narrow or small space. Too many closed cabinets can make an open room look over-functional, especially in a traditional setting. Therefore, if you don’t want an abundance of fitted or fixed cabinets, shelves provide a perfect way to keep your cherished possessions on display and maximize storage.

6. Store & Display In A Glazed Dining Room Dresser

Open-shelved or glass-fronted dressers are a staple for any dining room for storage purposes. Like built-in units, the lower part can hide a lot of dining space must-haves, and the upper half of the dresser is devoted to displaying.

These vintage cabinets are a lovely and sustainable dining room storage option. You can style them in any way by painting them in fresh colors or team them up with a metal frame bench, table, and leather dining chairs.

7. Built-In Banquette Seating With Hidden Storage

Banquette seating options are ideal for compact dining areas, kitchens, and breakfast rooms– especially if the ones with built-in storage. Such designs with lift-up lids on seating hidden beneath cushions make up for storage spaces that can cope with everything from tableware to little-used appliances.

8. Consider a sliding-door cabinet in a narrow space

Sliding and pocket doors on furniture work great in small spaces. This way you can keep any type of furniture in a closed or narrow space without worrying about the doors bashing into furniture, upon opening.

Such doors also have drawers and shelves inside to store all the necessary tableware, with a design making it easier for you to access either side, that doubles up as a display shelf too.


In conclusion, when it comes to adding storage furniture to your dining room, it’s significant to consider the size of the room, you’re working with. Consider, if the room is compact and cozy or if are you working with an open or large space, it will help you to add storage according to the space to cater to your needs.

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