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Jul 31Walls And Panel Designs For Your Bedroom

Steal The Show With Latest Walls And Panel Designs For Your Bedroom

Posted on July 31st, 2023 3:39 PM in Furniture Styles

The bedroom is the most personal space in any home. Therefore, it is critical to strike a balance between aesthetics, ambiance, and functionality in the bedroom. How you treat your bedroom walls says a lot about your personality.

Trendy bedroom walls act as a background or canvas, making all the other elements in the room shine. Creating an accent wall in your bedroom can add a lot of depth and glamor to the room.

So, if you are planning to experiment with your bedroom walls, go for structural options such as wood panels. However, choosing the right panel design for your bedroom is very crucial to give it a luxurious look.

In this blog, we have highlighted stylish wall designs for bedrooms. So let’s begin.

What is Wall Panel?

But before we dive into all the bedroom wall designs for panels, let’s discuss what wall panels are.

Wall panels are wall treatments. These wall treatments are functional and decorative. It serves as an added layer of insulation, thus, providing heat protection. Moreover, it strengthens the walls. However, in interior design, they primarily add depth and visual interest to the room.

How to enhance bedroom walls with designs?

If you want to enhance or elevate the look of your bedroom, here are some ideas for wall panel designs;

Batten and Board Wall Panel Design

Use the batten and board wood paneling with vertical placement to add height and depth to your bedroom walls. If your room is large, you can play with height by investing in less than full-length panels. Moreover, in the case of a small room, you can lay the boards horizontally to give it a larger look.

Keep the natural finish of the wood to give a cozy and rustic vibe to your bedroom. For a modern look, you can cover the walls with wallpaper or paint them.

Lattice Wall Panels for Bedroom

Lattice panels are a great way to add dimension to your bedroom aesthetics. Thin grids and diamond shapes are among the popular designs. You can also customize the design of your lattice wood paneling to imbue the bedroom with personality.

For example, if you want a modern or sleek look, you can choose designs with geometrical shapes and uniform lines. Experiment with the placement of the paneling. Wainscoting and Chair rails are the most common choices. Moreover, if you want to give your bedroom a vintage look, opt for more intricate patterns with rounded and softer lines.

Low Frame Wall Panels

One easy and low-key way to add interest and texture to the walls is to install the paneling of your choice along the bottom third of the bedroom wall. You can paint panels and the wall in the same shade to achieve a minimalistic look. Warm whites, taupes, and beiges are great options.

Wainscoting for Modern Bedroom Walls

This wood paneling is installed on the bottom half of the walls. Many types of wall panels can be called or classified as wainscoting. The only differentiation would be in terms of the aesthetic and installation. for example, beadboard, board and batten, moldings, etc.

You can achieve a classic look by combining a dark rich hue painted over half of the bedroom walls with white wainscoting on the other half. Moreover, wallpapers with artistic murals or intricate designs will contrast with the paneling.

One pro tip is to select darker colors to add depth and layers to the room. Neutral and Lighter tones would make the bedroom feel airy and bright.

Beadboard Wood Panelling for Walls

Beadboards refer to slats or vertical panels. These are available in varying widths and are versatile enough to add visual interest to any bedroom. Skinny paneling, in vertical or horizontal placements, can make a fabulous accent wall.

If you use a variegated natural wood finish, it will make the room feel warm. You can use it as a backdrop for another focal point in the room like the bed, Tv, or fireplace. One pro tip is to use slats of varying width and height to make it more interesting.

Patterned wallpaper paired with beadboard wainscoting is the perfect way to add flavor to a room. It is advisable to keep the natural finish of the wood to add some contrast. For a more cohesive and sleek look, you can paint and match the panels with the background of the wallpaper. Moreover, you can also combine wood with fabric wallpaper to add coziness and warmth to the bedroom.


In conclusion, wood panels offer an excellent way to add visual interest to a bedroom. Therefore, we have highlighted some amazing modern and Contemporary bedroom panel designs that you can use to add interest to the blank walls of your bedroom.

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