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May 04Wooden Dining Table Designs

Modern Wooden Dining Table Designs For Your Home

Posted on May 4th, 2023 3:45 PM in Furniture Styles

Dining rooms hold a significant value in the house. It is the place where you get together as a family to enjoy your meal together, entertain your guests, and linger in conversations into the evening.

Whether you have a small dining corner or a huge dining space, the dining table is the highlight of the setting. Therefore, it is critical to give careful consideration to its selection process.

Are you purchasing a new home or renovating the existing one? With so many choices for consumers in the market, it can get borderline tiring and confusing to select the best dining table design for your home.

Therefore, we have shared a list of the dining table’s latest designs crafted from different materials, including wood, marble, and glass. These pieces range from contemporary chic to mid-century modern, filled with creative industrial wares and fun rustic finds. Read this blog to find the perfect wooden dining table according to your budget and style. Let’s begin!

1. Glass Modern table design

Gone are the days when dining tables were only plain wooden planks. Nowadays, there are several options in terms of raw materials available in the market. When it comes to choosing the perfect material for a dining table, the glass dining table can be a great choice due to many reasons. Glass’s surface reflects light in the room which can be visually appealing. Moreover, the surface is extremely easy to clean.
Additionally, it is a universal design that can be paired with any type of chair including leather or wooden chairs as per your taste. Glass dining table renders a perfect choice for small dining spaces as it makes the room appear bigger.

2. Solid Walnut Round wood dining table design

The Solid construction of walnut wood gives it the stability to last a lifetime with genuine care. Such dining tables can fit into any dining space whether small or large. The sculpted pedestal base of walnut round tables gives them a weightless appeal. Moreover, the design will let the light pass through the composition without casting any dark shadows.

3. Marble dining table

A marble dining table can be a very unique and sophisticated addition to any dining space. Marble is durable and strong, but a bit more expensive than other materials like wood and glass. Therefore, if you are purchasing a marble dining table it is critical to give careful consideration to every aspect of the table design as it can’t be changed later. The only option you will be having is to replace it.

The main advantage of a marble dining table is that you can customize it in different patterns as per your choice, Moreover, the surface is easy to clean in contrast to wooden tables which are comparatively hard to clean.

4. Plywood modern dining table design

Engineered wood or plywood is a great alternative to traditional solid woods like Mahogany and Teak. A Modern Dining Table is a value-for-money option, giving the impression of an expensive and classy wood finish without costing as much.

Plywood dining tables are usually paired with metal frame chairs to support a modern and chic look. Moreover, you can also add a PVC laminate to add a personal touch and elegance to the design.

5. Resin wooden table designs

With the increase in popularity of resin builds recently, resin Dining table designs are slowly becoming mainstream. Resin tables feature wooden textures combined with resin art to create a view of a cold-blue frozen river.

Resin makes the table scratchproof, making it ideal for daily use. If you are someone who loves to decorate dining tables, lighting the resin table with led lighting from underneath can help achieve an ethereal landscape view.

6. Farmhouse Rustic Wooden Dining Table

The farmhouse dining table has a thick tabletop made from solid pine wood. The wood is distressed lightly to give it a rugged rustic aesthetic. The neutral color of this dining table ensures to make it a perfect fit, for a variety of interior palettes.

7. Foldable dining tables

If you looking for a rental-friendly dining table design, a folding table is what you need. It will also suit small homeowners. The plywood Dining table design features foldable/collapsible dining tops and chairs to fit in smaller spaces and can serve a family of two or four. The folding design also makes it convenient to relocate the table as you change houses or apartments.


In conclusion, having a calming and joyous space to cherish mealtime with your family is a blessing. Therefore, it is critical to invest in a dining table that can make your mealtime special.

However, choosing a modern dining table design can be an overwhelming task considering the options in the market.
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