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Mar 13How to Style a Dresser

How to Style a Dresser?

Posted on March 13th, 2024 3:09 PM in Tips & Ideas

A dresser plays a critical role in making or breaking the look of your bedroom. After the bed, it is the second most crucial piece of furniture. However, Styling a dresser is all about striking the right balance between thoughtful accent pieces and intentional organization.

The key to styling a dresser is to start with a clean canvas. So, clear everything off of your dresser give it a good dusting, and read on to learn 8 amazing ways how you can style your dresser.

We have highlighted the best dresser decor ideas to help transform it from being a dumping ground for random stuff to the focal point of your bedroom. These tips for the dresser makeover don’t require much investment or an interior designer. You can do them yourself!

So, let’s get started!

8 Ways to Style a Dresser

1. Anchor your dresser

First things first, a dresser is incomplete without a mirror. So, ensure to anchor your dresser with a large mirror. You can hang it above the dresser or place it against the wall. Adding a mirror to your dresser will lift up the look of both the dresser itself and the bedroom.

Mirrors work best to spread light around the room which will help you create an illusion of a larger space. Moreover, it will serve the purpose of the dresser and help you to get ready. So, it’s a win-win.

2. Add height with a lamp or vase

One of the best ways of creating a visual balance for a dresser is to place something taller like a lamp or a vase. It helps to scale up the entire look and helps to pull the dresser setup together.

3. Fill the horizontal space

Adding the taller pieces provides vertical balance. Consider using different-sized boxes to help fill the horizontal space. This helps in achieving a cohesive dresser styling look.

You can always play with the color and size of the books. For example, stacking two different-sized books in similar shades works well. Apart from books, you can display your perfume collection on decorative trays to fill the horizontal space of the dresser and to add more interest.

4. Add Greenery to Your Dresser

Adding greens to any space is the ideal way of uplifting it instantly. However, the rule of thumb is that if you want to add more than one item with greenery, try to add leaves of varying sizes. This variation in the height of greenery helps to maintain a healthy balance and gives a stylish look to your dresser. Moreover, adding greens is a great way to add life and freshness to any piece of furniture.

5. Add Structural Elements to Your Dresser Decor

Structural elements offer a great way to add visual interest to any horizontal space. It can be any structure like trays, flower vases, decoration pieces, wood links, and beads. Such details can give a stylish look to your bedroom dresser space.

6. Keep Things Organized

A furniture piece can never look good until it’s organized well. Therefore, another way to style your dresser is to invest in organizational tools that are decorative too. For instance, trays combine practical organization with a unique expression of your style.

Trays are a great way to add elegance and order to any part of your home. A decorative tray can be used in so many creative ways than serving breakfast in bed. You can use it to organize little stuff that you want on your dresser and can quickly access it.

Choose a tray with convenient handles so you can whisk it away whenever you want to and use it for setting up board games or snacks for guests and family members. Decorative trays are classic yet simple and could be a part of almost any style of dresser.

7. Add Thoughtful Storage

Storage is critical if you don’t want your dresser to look overcrowded. Adding a storage accessory will keep your dresser clutter-free and neat. You can add rustic ceramic bowls, rattan baskets, or trinket trays to create the perfect space to drop your keys, wallet, and other stuff. Such storage accessories will not only increase the functionality of your dresser but will enhance its style too.

8. Layer, Edit & Repeat

Lastly, it is critical to remember that styling a dresser isn’t a one-time thing – let your decoration pieces evolve with the transitioning seasons. However, to manage your dresser top space well it is critical to keep a bit of space on the surface of your dresser blank.

Layering your decoration pieces is also another way of adding interest to your space. For example, you can lean up small frames against larger ones. Candles and other small decorative pieces can be placed on trays. So, the idea is to keep trying new decor ideas until you finally find the one that works for you.


Styling a dresser is all about experimenting and finding a perfect balance between aesthetics, functionality, and your personal preference. We have summarized some effective ways you can uplift the look of your dresser.

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