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Jul 05Dining Room Table

How to Choose the Perfect Dining Room Table for Your Home?

Posted on July 5th, 2023 11:59 AM in Furniture Styles

Dining tables are the most multifunctional furniture pieces in our homes. It serves us in multiple ways; being a surface to eat from, a place to gather and reconnect with family, and a place to work. It is therefore advisable to choose a dining table for the home with utmost dedication as they are an investment.

There is not one answer to the perfect dining table interior design. However, the best dining table design for your home will be the one with a solid construction, works for your budget, has a style you’ll love for years, and fits in your space.

If you are looking for a perfect dining table for your home, this blog is for you. We have highlighted some core factors you must consider when buying one.

Factors to consider when choosing a dining table

1. Size of the dining room

Space availability is one of the most crucial factors to consider when choosing furniture for your home. Whether shopping online or from a physical store, inspect the size of your open kitchen space or dining room where you want to place your dining set.

It will give you an estimated idea of the dimensions you need to look for in a dining table. Ideally, the distance between the wall and the edge of your dining table set or any other piece of furniture should be around three feet. It will allow enough space for you to move and walk around the table or have enough clearance for your chair.

2. Style of the dining table

Choose a dining table depending on the style of your home. Whether it’s a contemporary, Scandinavian, traditional, or rustic setting, your dining table should complement its surroundings.

3. Shape of the dining table

The size of your dining room has a significant role in selecting the shape of your table. If you have a small space, a round dining table with a diameter of 36-48 inches or a 36-44 inch square four-seater dining table will keep it from looking cramped.

Additionally, for corner spaces, you can choose a triangular-shaped dining table design. Such dining tables can accommodate up to 6 people.

Oval, circular, and rectangular-shaped dining tables are ideal for formal settings. On the other hand, if you have enough space for traffic flow, a 96-inch long rectangular table can comfortably seat eight people, while a 72-inch long rectangular table will be an ideal pick to accommodate six people.

4. Material

Choosing the perfect material for your dining table depends upon various factors, including price, personal style, upkeep, and the style or theme of your home. Here’s a guide about some of the most common materials for furniture or dining tables.


Wood is one of the most popular materials for dining tables. Durable, Classic, and easy to repair, wood looks luxurious and caters to most needs. Although solid wood is expensive, there are a few cheaper alternatives, such as acacia and teak. Wooden dining tables are the easiest to maintain and can stand the test of time.


If you want a wooden look but do not want to spend a heavy amount on it, the veneer is a great option for you. Venner is made up of a thin layer of printed material or solid wood that is attached to the plywood.


If you want a perfect kitchen table design, glass tabletop dining tables work the best. They create a feeling of openness, so are perfect for small or joint spaces. Glass dining tables come in a variety of options including tinted, clear, and frosted glass tabletops.

Unlike wood, glass tables are not damaged by moisture, and are a relatively cheaper option. However, they can be high maintenance as glass show every fingerprint and can get easily chipped and scratched. So, if you have children at home, it may not be the best option.


Stone tables are beautiful and sturdy. Usually made from quartz or marble, stone dining tables suit both traditional and contemporary spaces. These dining tables vary in price, depending on the type of stone used.

Stone tables are also high-maintenance tables because they can easily absorb stains and are prone to cracking or chipping, which usually cannot be repaired.


Metal tables are durable, modern, and less expensive than many other materials. Made from zinc, stainless steel, or brass these dining tables can withstand heavy use. One drawback of metal tables is that they can be hard to clean because of their shiny finish which shows every fingerprint.


A plastic dining table is an affordable option and requires little upkeep, but it is not the most stylish choice.


In conclusion, your dining table should not an impulse purchase. It is critical to consider your needs and which shape, size, style, material, and quality of dining table you need, before making a decision. The right dining table should make your house into a home and enrich your lifestyle. Choose the one that can bring many meaningful gatherings and memorable meals into your home, for years to come.

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