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Dec 08​​BookShelves

Gorgeous BookShelves to Keep All Your Favorite Books

Posted on December 8th, 2023 6:28 PM in Life Style

If you’re a book lover, then you must have a great set of books that you want to display. But sometimes finding a compact, convenient, and stylish book storage solution for your massive book collection can be a real nightmare.

This is where the role of a bookshelf comes into play. It provides creative book storage solutions, thus helping to organize your favorite books, novels, crafting supplies, decorative items, and much more.

Well, if you are on the lookout for a bookshelf, then you’re in luck today! We’ve covered some amazing picks for you that can transform your boring bedroom or living room into an aesthetic space!

From the standard bookcases your grandparents may have treasured, to asymmetrical and aesthetic bookshelf layouts, we have covered everything you need to make an informed decision while purchasing your bookshelf.

Read along as we spell out factors you need to consider while making a purchase for a bookshelf and some major style options of this diverse furniture category!

5 Gorgeous Bookshelves for an Aesthetic Home Interior

1. Standard 5 Tier Bookcase with Drawer

Concepts 5 Tier Bookcase with Drawer

Tarkhan’s 5-Tier Bookcase with a Drawer has five spacious shelves offering plenty of space for anything you would like to display including, vases, books, plants, ornaments, or picture frames.

The drawer feature offers extra storage while also looking aesthetically pleasing to the eye. With the dimensions of 32 × 60 × 12 inches, this bookcase can be a statement piece for any room.

2. Cube-shaped 10-Shelf Open Bookcase

Perfect for your office or living area, this undeniably chic bookcase made of laminated sheets offers multiple storage or display options for any setting. The open design doubles as a room divider and allows you to easily display various memorabilia, photos, books, and much more.

Constructed with ten shelves, this piece will easily add some contemporary appeal to your home. It comes in two sizes small (10.75 inches high x 13 inches wide x 11.75 inches deep) and large (10.75 inches high x 21.5 inches wide x 11.75 inches deep).

3. Ladder Bookcase

Pitchfork Ladder Bookcase

Ladder bookcases are one of the most trending bookcase designs these days in the design world and for all the right reasons. These bookcases are versatile, and space-saving, and they look great in any setting.

Ladder bookshelves are known for a modern look, but give your space that traditional style too. Get the use of both wall and floor space with our stylish ladder shelf. This five-tier ladder bookshelf is a multi-functional storage option that will give you space to display a plethora of items while displaying your collection of books in style.
The shelves have a beautiful finish and are made from sturdy wood that can blend well with any decor. Due to its sturdy built-in quality, it can withstand regular use and can last for years to come.

This bookshelf provides an open feeling with its striking open shelving design. It is perfect for holding trinkets, photos, decorations, and keepsakes attractively. With its small footprint and lightweight design, you can easily move it anywhere you want or simply lean it against the wall without overcrowding your space.

4. MDF Wall-Mounted Bookcase

Italia Randomito Wall Shelves

This wall-mounted bookcase with a contemporary style is suitable for modern living, studio, and office. These fashionable book racks flaunt the newest design turns and evoke a progressive or experimental tone. The single unit, which can always be turned upside down, allows the creation of large-sized configurations of great impact.

5. Counterbalance Tall shelving

Counterbalance Tall Shelving

This eye-catching and unique bookshelf design combines contemporary design and practical storage space to make a functional and decorative addition to your home. The contrasting colors define the different sections of shelving and each one has a unique shape for displaying a variety of objects and decor items.

Things To Look For While Buying a Bookcase

A bookshelf is indeed a great addition to any room in your home. It adds an artistic look to your decor while maximizing storage space. However, before you pick one for your home, there are several factors that you need to consider;


Bookracks come in different shapes, colors, and sizes, so you can choose a unit that suits your interior theme. An attractive design can make a bookshelf blend well with your furniture and its surroundings.


Choose the size of the bookshelf depending on the books you want to store and the place where you will be placing the rack.


The material used in manufacturing a bookshelf plays a crucial role in its strength and durability. A good quality bookshelf will last you for years to come and pose no threat to the books it stores.


It is crucial to check for the maximum load capacity of a bookrack. One way to judge it is by the number of books it can hold.


Once you’ve selected a bookshelf, the next thing is to choose a color that compliments your home decor style.


In conclusion, bookshelves are a vital part of home decor. So, if you are in search of good furniture stop to purchase your favorite bookshelf, Tarkhan is your place to shop. We have a vast selection of bookshelves available on our website. Visit now and shop your favorite bookshelf to give your books a place they can call home!

Let us know below in the comment section, if you want to know more about book display ideas or bookshelf organization.

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