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Aug 11Dine in With Style

Dine-in with Style

Posted on August 11th, 2021 11:37 AM in Furniture Styles,Life Style

Due to Covid, restaurants all around the world have been shut down. During these tumultuous times, one always reminisces about what they relished the most. But a loss can always be again, instead of recalling the good old days, why not relive them? Dining set and table sets have managed (and succeeded) to transform your house’s atmosphere from a modest dining room to a five-class restaurant! So why not dine in your home with style?

Types of Styles and Aesthetics

Dine-in With Style - Aesthetic Furniture

Tarkhan offers a variety of styles concerning dining tables and chairs, customized according to your aesthetic! One thing to keep in mind is to never just settle on an option right away. Take your time, browse through the catalog thoroughly and make your decision. After all, you are furnishing your dining room with a vibe that is comparable to your ideal eatery!

Rustic Dining Set VS Modern Dining Set

Like it is mentioned above, we offer you an assortment of styles you can choose from! Two very popular customs that never disappoint are rustic and modern dining sets. But what should you choose? This is where we break it down so it’s easier for you to resolve.

Rustic Dining Table Sets

Dine-in With Style - Rustic Dining Set

Rustic dining sets are made plainly and simply. They give off a very earthy vibe as they utilize natural materials to exhibit themselves. The most prominent trait they possess is wood. Yes, a lot of rustic dining sets are manufactured of timber, chiefly hardwood and softwood. They use components that maintain their intent for an agricultural vibe. You can always opt for manufactured wood products to build your dining table while enjoying it at an affordable price. Their color scheme customarily consists of terrene hues, so don’t forget to enhance your dining table with potpourri and herbaceous plants!

Modern Dining Table Set

Dine-in With Style - Modern Dining Set

Modern dining sets, on the other hand, take inspiration from recent trends, starring minimalistic and contemporary styles. That means a neutral color palette, sleek dining furniture, clay/marble decorations, etc.

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Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen a shift in how we look at furniture and interior design. This is shown by the number of retro-themed products that are becoming mainstream. Besides rustic and modern dining sets, you can always take inspiration from older trends. Everyone is entitled to their nostalgia!

Cow patterned dining chairs, vivid gel top dining counters with whitewashed milky legs. Retro dining aesthetic with plushy dining booths, multicolored countertops, and barstools to decorate your kitchen island. Truly a fun experience to experiment with contrasting shades and fashions. You can mix and match your table and chairs to create a funky style as well!

When it comes to choosing chairs for your dining room, comfort should not be ignored. While it may seem counterintuitive to select upholstered chairs for a room with limited space, they provide the next level of comfort that will keep people wanting to stay.

Dining sets that suit your style

Deciding on the right dining set can be a challenging task, as it often comes down to choosing the right size and shape. There are a lot of options when it comes down to it, so take the time to narrow down your search!

Rectangle Table Sets

Dine-in with style - Rectangle table set

The rectangle is the most popular table shape. Its simplicity allows for a variety of styles to appear. These dining tables are great for seating a large number of guests and can also be placed against a wall or pulled out to accommodate an additional guest. Their versatility and flexibility are a huge advantage which explains their popularity in modern homes.

Round Table Sets

Dine-in with style - Round Table Sets

Although most modern dining rooms are equipped with rectangular tables, round dining tables are also in trend due to their remarkable versatility. They eliminate the need for additional space when trying to sit down and can be used in formal as well as open floor plans. Furthermore, the flow of the table is very important as it affects the movement of people who will be using it. It provides an intimate setting and is a more suitable choice for conversation.

Square Table Sets

Dine-in with style - Square Dining Sets

Similar to round tables, square-shaped dining tables are ideal for creating an intimate setting. Plus, if you ever want to increase your space, you can always adjoin another table to provide extra seating.k

Oval Table Sets

Oval Dining Set

Oval-shaped dining tables contain all the qualities mentioned above. They’re intimate, elongated like rectangular tables, take up less space, and can seat several people. Its shape is perfect for it to be a part of a minimalistic dining set.


Now that the basics of dining styles and aesthetics have been explained, we hope this guide will help you make the right choice!

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Stay safe and Happy Eating!

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