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Dec 10Coffee Tables

Decorate Your Living Room with Unique Coffee Tables

Posted on December 10th, 2021 4:09 PM in Life Style,Tips & Ideas

Coffee tables are an essential item for a living room. After all, they have to hold your remote control, eatables, or other essentials while you enjoy a live match or quality time with your family in your living room! You might think decorating your living room with a coffee table is an easy task. But in reality, there’s more to this than meets the eye! These tables come in a wide variety of shapes and styles, and finding the best piece for your room which perfectly goes with your living room furniture can be an arduous task. You even need to consider the size of your sofas and couches in order to find the best match!

Well! Is all that making you confused? Or are you feeling perplexed as to how you can find a unique coffee table for your beautiful living room? Then don’t worry! Because here, I am going to compile all the important information about the coffee tables that you need to know before selecting one! So, let’s get started!

What should be the size of your coffee table?

The size of a coffee table is a crucial aspect when it comes to comfort and décor. While choosing the best coffee table for your living room, you first need to know the length of your sofas and couches. Generally, a coffee table with a size between half and two-thirds of the length of the side of the sofa it is facing is considered to be the most suitable size for a coffee table. Although the standard height of a coffee table is between 16 to 18 inches, it greatly depends upon the height of your couch. A coffee table within 2 inches of your couch or sofa is considered to be the best in terms of comfort.

What are the coffee tables made of?

What do you think is the most crucial aspect when you buy furniture? Well, you guessed that right! It’s the construction! The choice of build material is highly objective, largely depending upon the preferences. Of course, you will want your furniture item to be durable, affordable, and, above all, perfectly suitable with your décor.

The most common build materials for coffee tables are wood, metal, and glass. Let’s have a look at each of them.

  • Wood: It’s no secret that wood is the most common construction material for furniture owing to its versatility and the umpteen benefits it offers. Coffee tables carved out of wood are most versatile, solid, practical, and durable. They usually provide more design options and can last for years. However, while opting for one, make sure that you thoroughly consider the quality of the wood.
  • Glass: Modern designing ideas have led to the rise in the popularity of glass coffee tables. You may find coffee tables that are entirely made up of glass or have metal or wood framework. These coffee tables work best for smaller living rooms, giving an impression of more space and elegance with style! However, you need to carefully consider this option if you have kids or pets, as they can get involved in accidents with the glass.
  • Others: If you want to try something out of tradition, there are some other construction materials that will grant your wish! These include stoneware (marble, granite), plastic/acrylic, and rattan. Marble coffee tables are trendy and give off a very elegant and luxurious vibe. However, they can be a bit more expensive.

Choose the right shape!

1. Rectangular Coffee Tables

These are probably the most common coffee tables you will come across. They not only work perfectly well with longer sofas but also offer ample surface space.

2. Square Coffee Tables

If you have a small space or you want a more symmetrical look, consider square coffee tables. However, they won’t go well with lengthy seating furniture because of their symmetry and reduced length.

3. Round Coffee Tables

Have a small space or small sofas? Go for round coffee tables! They are possibly the best solutions for compact seating arrangements. One more reason to choose them can be kids or pets since their smooth edges minimize the occurrence of any injury that might result due to sharp edges of a rectangular or square coffee table.

However, keep in mind that longer sofas will mask their purpose and beauty by making them look smaller.

4. Oval Coffee Tables

Here’s another great option for lengthy sofas and kids. Just like rectangular coffee tables, they are quite practical with abundant surface space. Now, if you have long sofas and you want some “kids-friendly” furniture, then oval coffee tables are the ones you are looking for!

What style would you prefer?

1. Traditional

Being old and most commonly used is what makes it a “tradition”. Traditional style usually features a wooden coffee table with an oval or rectangle surface shape. They are ageless, and no matter what era it may be, they will always remain in style!

2. Modern

If you are not a fan of heavy ornamentation, go for modern coffee tables. Originating from the Modernist movement of the early 1990s, this style emphasizes minimalist design with a clutter-free, simple, and sleek look and clean straight lines and shiny surfaces. They are usually made up of wood or metal.

3. Contemporary

Contemporary style includes a spectrum of various styles, implying an au courant look with contemporary features. They can be of any shape or material with unique and aesthetic designs.

4. Rustic

Want some simple and country vibes? Rustic style can be the best for you. With simple patterns and wooden construction, this style will definitely make you feel close to nature!

5. Industrial

The industrial style includes the coffee tables with solid metal and wood construction, invoking a persistent look and industrial vibes. Such a coffee table will pair well with the softer hues and surroundings of your living room.

Wrapping up!

Coffee tables doubtlessly are the essential furniture item of a living room. It might look easy to select one, but in reality, IT IS NOT! A little miscalculation can ruin your perfect-looking living room! That is the reason I have compiled some very useful information here that will surely help you while buying the best and unique coffee table for your living room.

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