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Jun 21Armchair for Your Home Decor

Choosing the Perfect Armchair for Your Home Decor

Posted on June 21st, 2023 2:47 PM in Life Style

Armchairs are one of the most crucial parts of living room furniture after sofa sets. It is where we spend most of our time at home. Research shows that an average person spends three hours a day on the sofa either using their mobile phone, reading, watching TV, or enjoying some family time.

So, it is critical to choose high-quality armchairs for your living room. However, with so many options available in the market it is sometimes very difficult to choose the perfect armchair for your home.

If you are redecorating your living room and want to get the most comfortable armchair for your home, this blog is for you.

In this blog, we will discuss factors you need to consider to choose the armchair of your dreams. So let’s begin.

What is an armchair?

An armchair is a cushioned and comfortable chair with arm support on each side, where you can rest your arms to sit comfortably for long hours.

It is typically designed for extended use, such as lounging or reading. Armchairs have a larger and more comfortable backrests and seat than other types of chairs. These chairs are a great investment to add to the overall comfort of the living room experience.

Measure the available space

Before buying an armchair or any other piece of furniture, it is necessary to measure the space available or the area of the room where it will be placed. It is crucial since you wouldn’t want to waste your money buying an armchair that doesn’t work in your room, or worse, that takes up a lot of space in the room.

For this, you have to take into account the height and width of the armchair and the available space in the room.
If you have a smaller space, individual or smaller armchairs would be the best options. On the other hand, if you have enough space available, you can opt for wider armchairs.


One thing a chair should provide is comfort. There is no point in having an expensive, big, beautiful armchair if it is not comfortable. Therefore, it is advisable to sit on armchairs in a store before taking them home.

The padding of the armchair seat and the back are the two significant attributes of comfy armchairs.

Check if the seat is deep and whether the cushioning feels nice. It should feel hard but also have a softness to provide comfort. The chair should not squeak when you sit in it to test if it can bear your weight.

The back of a chair is designed to provide support for your back. Nowadays, many armchairs have dramatically shortened backs that lack this support. Do not buy any such chair, even if it looks beautiful.

How to buy a comfortable armchair?

The most comfortable armchair is the one that covers the following points;

  • The seat should not be very deep otherwise you will not be able to stand up easily.
  • Try sitting on an armchair by leaning your back against the backrest. Your feet should touch the floor.
  • When sitting, the back of the knee should not press against the edge of the seat
  • The armrest should be at elbow height so that you can rest your arms on it.

Quality and durable structure

The structure of the armchair determines its quality and durability. A wooden structure with zigzag springs or straps can support the weight of the cushions. Moreover, the legs must be resistant to ensure they are secure and won’t break easily.

Upholstery & padding

Another element to look for when choosing a comfortable and elegant armchair design is the padding and upholstery. Padding and fabric determine the style of the chair. Moreover, these two factors ensure quality, comfort, and easy maintenance.

Choose 100% natural fabrics like linen, and cotton upholstery that better withstands color fading and are more resistant to stains.

Colors Scheme

The color scheme of your armchair should stand in contrast or complement the rest of your decor. With so many options available, it is advisable to grasp a sample of the shade you like and test it by taking it home before you buy a chair.

However, some key basics are to match plain upholstery with patterns and prints and maintain a contrast of dark-shaded accessories with light-colored armchairs. For example, if you have light-colored armchairs you can pair dark color accessories with them such as cushions, blankets, and curtains to give a feeling of more spaciousness to the room.


In conclusion, armchairs are one of the most appreciated and celebrated pieces of furniture in our home since we associate enjoyment and relaxation with them. Hence, it is crucial to choose the perfect armchair for our home.

In this blog, we have highlighted the factors that can contribute to making an armchair comfortable. However, if you want high-quality armchairs, Tarkhan is your place to shop.

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What is the most comfortable chair?

A chair that has good-quality padding and sufficient back support is the most comfortable.

What makes a chair comfortable?

Soft padding and an ergonomic back with armrests at elbow level make a chair comfortable.

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