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Oct 30Wallpaper Design Ideas

Best Wallpaper Design Ideas For Bedroom Walls

Posted on October 30th, 2023 10:45 AM in Tips & Ideas

What’s the first thing you see after waking up? Your bedroom walls, right? A bedroom is not just a place to sleep it’s your personal sanctuary – a reflection of your personality. Color psychology research suggests that the patterns and colors you choose for your bedroom walls can have a significant impact on your mood.

Therefore it is critical to pick the right color scheme and designs for your bedroom wallpapers. Your bedroom walls can be the canvas giving you the freedom to express your creativity and transform your bedroom into a haven of style and elegance.

However, if you want to enhance the aesthetics of your bedroom by adding some color and character to the boring walls, this blog is for you. In this blog, you will explore amazing wallpaper design ideas for bedroom walls to revamp your bedroom walls. We have tried to cover everything ranging from soothing and subtle patterns to vibrant and bold colors, these designs can be head-turners.

Read on to discover how you can create a dreamy atmosphere for your bedroom that reflects your unique taste.

Creative wallpaper options for bedrooms

Geometric Patterns

For people who are obsessed with symmetry, geometric-patterned wallpapers can be a great styling option. You can go with any geometric pattern including linear patterns and a combination of different types of shapes and colors to make the design pop.

Murals as Wallpapers

If you are a nature enthusiast, this wallpaper design is a great pick for you. You can decide whether you would like to wake up in the middle of a forest, a bustling street, or among mountains.

These wallpapers are the easiest and most fun ways to take the feel of the natural world. The versatile nature of such wallpapers allows you to use them in your bedrooms, living rooms, kid’s rooms, and even in study rooms or home libraries.

Solid Monochromes Wallpapers

Monochrome wallpapers hold an elegance and luxury of their own. You can use such wallpapers to create a feature wall combined with wooden paneling. It is a great way to uplift the look of the bedroom. You can match the curtains and sheets to give a cohesive look to the room. Moreover, to add a luxurious feel and royal classical theme to the bedroom, you can go with marble flooring as it suits monochromatic rooms well.

Bedroom Accent Walls with Wallpaper

You can create accent walls with wallpapers to add depth and a layer of texture and pattern to the room. The best feature of accent walls is that you can pair these with various bedroom styles, including vintage, minimalist, modern, and more. These wallpaper walls can adapt to any design, making them an incredibly versatile option to style and decorate your bedroom.

Striped Wallpaper

You can use such wallpapers on two adjacent walls in striking color combinations. For example, white and grey striped walls would complement light brown parquet flooring and dark brown wooden furniture. Striped wallpapers are a great way to add dimension to the room as vertical stripes make the ceiling feel taller than its actual height. However, it’s up to you if you want to add different stripes containing several tones of a single color or go for a monochromatic theme.

Understated neutral Bedroom wall decor with wallpaper

If you live in a rental space and can’t do much to decorate your walls, wallpaper is the best option. Neutral colors work best to make your bedroom look lavish and luxurious. Moreover, they are light on the eyes and give a soothing and calming effect to your bedroom. Therefore, choosing neutral-colored wallpapers with understated minimal designs can be a great way to decorate your boring bedroom walls without overdoing anything.

Printed Wallpapers

Printed wallpapers are popular due to the endless creative possibilities they offer. These wallpapers come in a range of designs and colors that make it easy to match them with any kind of interior setup.

Whether you’re looking to showcase stunning artwork, transform a room with vibrant floral patterns, or create a tropical ambiance with nature-inspired designs, printed wallpapers can do it all. With countless options of colors, textures, and themes to choose from, they allow you to personalize your bedroom and make a style statement.

For example, adding floral wallpaper to your room can give it a calmness of nature combined with a classy and elegant look. Similarly, you can go for multicolored wallpaper that combines floral and leafy designs to give a dramatic look to your room.

If you’re a fan of seascapes, then you can choose palm-printed wallpapers. This wallpaper can instantly take you to a tropical paradise and uplift your mood. Moreover, the combination of sand, blue skies, and palm trees will bring tranquillity and relaxation straight into your bedroom.

So, don’t settle for plain boring walls in your bedroom when you can turn them into a canvas of creativity and imagination with printed wallpapers.


In conclusion, wallpapers are a great way to infuse dimension, vibrancy, and vitality into a drab space. We hope that our guide to Stylish bedroom wallpaper designs will help you choose the most inspiring designs for your bedroom.

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