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Dec 11 Types of Wood

Best Types of Wood for Furniture

Posted on December 11th, 2020 10:19 AM in Tips & Ideas

Furniture is one of the core fundamentals for a house to look attractive from the inside. Even the guests coming to your house would first glance at the architecture and then the furniture they are going to sit on. People tend to pass compliments about the outlook of the house and interior as well. If the outlook has an attraction, they marvel at a house in which they are invited with a smile. When they show themselves into a house, at the same moment they scan through the interior of the house. Here furniture plays a cardinal role in reflecting the personality of a household. Similarly, The amalgam of furniture and architecture of a house poses lasting impressions on the onlookers.

Also, there are certain types of wood for furniture and of course, a type of wood completely defines the type of furniture. Some of the best types of wood suggested by our esteemed architects are:

     1. Walnut Wood


Its tone differs from white to dim earthy colored, and it is known for huge burls. Common types include Brazilian Walnut, Caribbean Walnut, black walnut, and North American Walnut wood. It is a hard, solid, and strong wood for furniture. It cuts well and holds its shape for quite a long time. This makes it ideal for ornate furniture that requires an elevated level of craftsmanship.

     2. Birch Wood

Birch is an incredibly solid and strong hardwood that fills richly in North America. The species’ excellent appearance and fair shading make it an extraordinary wood type for current furnishings. So, Its shading goes from cream to light ruddy earthy colored with a fine grain. The wood’s solid, strong nature makes it incredible for carpentry and definite craftsmanship.

      3. Maple Wood

Maple is one of the hardest wood types for furniture. It’s frequently utilized for hefty use things like dressers and eating sets, as it can get hammered. Maple is more moderate than different hardwoods. This, joined with its sturdiness, makes it ideal for youthful families. Its shading goes from cream to ruddy earthy colored, yet it takes dim stains particularly well.

       4. Oak Wood

Oak is a sturdy and dependable wood type. Due to the trees’ moderate development, the wood is amazingly thick, adding to its quality. The wood adjusts to an assortment of completions. This makes it ideal for both current and customary furnishings. It’s additionally regularly utilized for Crafts furniture plan.

        5. Mahogany Wood

Mahogany is a sturdy hardwood that is frequently utilized for venture, multifaceted household items. The wood species has a pleasingly fine, straight grain. So, As a result of the trees’ enormous size, mahogany is created in huge sheets. This makes it ideal for point of convergence furniture. Mahogany has an immortal look and adds warmth to the room. So, Any mahogany wood furniture will last ages with appropriate consideration.

         6. Bamboo Wood

Bamboo is known for its eco-accommodating nature and excellent fair shading. The species is really grass, as opposed to the hardwood. Along these lines, bamboo develops quickly. It develops around 10-times quicker than hardwoods do. Bamboo additionally opposes expanding and contracting. Bamboo is the best wood for furniture made for environmentally-conscious families and modern design.

          7.  Cherry Wood

Cherry wood is known for its incredibly straight and uniform grain. Similarly, The wood finishes well and has a wonderful completed look. Likewise known for its fame use for old-fashioned furnishings, cherry is a centuries ago with the correct consideration. Although, It is viewed as a valued hardwood among experts. So, Cherry wood furniture is regularly a venture that will take care of the long haul.

          8. Pine Wood

Pine is well known for provincial and farmhouse plans. It is a lightweight wood, making it incredible for families that move as often as possible. Pine is an economical wood and is a decent choice for individuals who aren’t exactly prepared for the speculation of other wood types. Pine paints well and painted pine furniture is frequently utilized for youngsters’ rooms due to the great tones.

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