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Oct 05Wallpaper Designs For kid’s Rooms

8 Cute And Quirky Wallpaper Designs For kid’s Rooms

Posted on October 5th, 2023 3:25 PM in Furniture Styles

Kid’s rooms are the most fascinating additions to any home interior because you can think creatively, experiment with various colors or design ideas, and widen your horizons. In short, decorating a kid’s room is like an adventure, where you bring out fun interiors and fuel a kid’s curious little mind.

However, if you want to create an inspiring space for your kid, selecting the right elements is significant. Besides the study unit and Bunk Bed, there’s another great way to transform your child’s room and that is through its walls.

So, if you are re-doing your kid’s room, this blog is for you. Choosing the right wall colors is crucial while planning your kid’s room’s interiors. However, one of the most dependable design elements for walls is wallpaper as it can be easily changed. In this blog, we have highlighted eight creative and inspiring wallpaper designs for your kid’s room that will surely give meaning to your child’s everyday life.

So, let’s get into it!

Wallpaper Design Ideas for Kids’ Room

Graffiti Wallpaper Design for Kids’ Room

Kids love art. It creates a positive impact on their minds and liberates their sense of expression. This is why cartoon art wallpaper is among the most famous wallpaper designs for kids’ room interiors. Combining a lively wallpaper design with a soothing color scheme of white, blue, and grey can give the room a very calm, composed, and peaceful feel.

You can select any cartoon or elements like a flying parachute, a teddy flying a helicopter, a bird, or any other creative graffiti. These elements can encourage your child’s creativity while creating a dreamy vibe in the room. A Graffiti wallpaper design can be an ideal option for children in the age group of 6-14 years for both girls and boys.

Car Wallpaper Design

If your child is fond of racing cars, this wallpaper design is for you. You can pick vibrant colors and different styles of cars to add a retro and youthful vibe to the room. It is one of the great ways to add personalization to a kid’s room interior.

Moreover, it will evoke a sense of belonging in your child. You can either opt for a colorful background for Cars or a white backdrop to make the car colors prominent in the wallpaper design.

This wallpaper can instantly add a lively vibe to the room while creating a positive and bright environment that will help your kid enjoy their space. Another great way to make the wallpaper blend in the room is to pair it with a car-themed Kids’ Bed and add different peppy interior elements such as a vibrant floor rug and study table decorations. This theme is ideal for two boys growing up, where they can share their dreams and life in this youthful bedroom design.

Chalkboard Wallpaper for Kid’s Room

Kids love to draw and write, especially on the walls. It can be problematic as it messes up the walls and paints while the kids are on their art sprees. Therefore, the best way to keep your home’s walls clean while giving your kid the liberty to express their art and creativity is to give them a blank canvas by adding chalkboard wallpaper to one wall of their room.

Having a dedicated wall to paint, write, and do whatever they feel like will allow your child to be creative while enjoying a little art corner at home. Such wallpaper designs imitate a school chalkboard with different formulas already printed on it to give it a stylish finish. The unique design of chalkboard wallpaper enhances the look of the room while creating a studious vibe to encourage your child to study.

Butterfly-Inspired Wallpaper Design

Butterfly wallpaper design is ideal for kids and especially for girls in the age group of 7-15 years. It can instantly elevate the liveliness of the space. The best feature of this wallpaper is that it gives you the freedom to play around with colors.

You can pick any color for the butterfly design and match it with your kid’s room interior. It echoes a sense of freshness while keeping your kid’s room lively and bright at all times. The white part of the wallpaper gives a technicolor vibe to the room, letting your kid have their own corner of joy. So, if you want to create a positive ambiance in your kid’s room this wallpaper design is for you.

Colorful Wallpaper for Your Kid’s Room

Color therapy is one of the most efficient ways to impact a kid’s mind. It is especially true for kids’ room interiors, as they get more attracted to vibrant and bright. Adding colorful wallpaper to your kid’s room can uplift the energy of the room making them more active and playful.

You can pick any color spectrum like yellow, red, turquoise, or blue, and pair it with a geometric pattern design for a cool look. Colors can add vibrancy and geometric patterns add a visual interest that elevates the room’s interior. Moreover, geometric patterns also bring asymmetry to the room which helps create a mindful ambiance for your kid. It is an ideal wallpaper design for kids in the age of 3-10 years.


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