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Oct 11Space-Saving Kids’ Beds

7 Space-Saving Kids’ Beds For Your Home

Posted on October 11th, 2023 2:26 PM in Tips & Ideas

A bedroom is one of the most prized possessions for a child. It means so much more to them than being a space where they sleep. It is their creative oasis. Therefore, it is critical to design a kid’s bedroom thoughtfully, considering the activities they use their bedroom for.

However, designing shared bedrooms for more than one child or a bedroom with space constraints is daunting. It is crucial to choose furniture for a bedroom and its significant components smartly. The bed is a significant furniture piece in a bedroom therefore, in this blog, we have highlighted all the factors you should consider before buying a bed for your child’s room and a variety of Innovative space-efficient beds.

So, let’s get into it!

Factors to consider when buying Space-saving kids’ beds

Storage space

Kid’s rooms can quickly become cluttered with books, toys, and clothes, so choosing a bed that offers ample storage space can be a game-changer. Look for beds with built-in shelves, under-bed compartments, or drawers to avoid clutter and keep the room organized.


There are many options available in the market to choose from but considering your budget will help you limit those options, thus making it easier for you to decide. The best way is to check out a trusted online furniture store where the features and prices are always displayed.

Quality & Material

The quality and material of the bed are other crucial factor to consider when choosing a bed for a kid’s room. Kids utilize their beds for various activities including playing, sleeping, and more. Therefore it is better to look for options that will last you for years.

Size of the bed & room

Considering the size of both the bed and room is crucial to prevent the bedroom from looking smaller or squeezed. The rule of thumb is to leave at least a two feet area from the bed to the wall of the room.

Space-saving children’s beds for small rooms

Compact bunk beds for kids

The bunk bed is a classic space-saving kids’ bed. It is perfect for your kid to have friends over for a sleepover or even for two kids to share a room, A bunk bed does the job of a double bed while only occupying the space of a single bed. Isn’t that amazing?

Back-To-Back Twin Beds for kids

Place twin beds back to back to add a fun element to your kid’s room. This way, you will only use one side of the room. We recommend you choose the largest wall in the bedroom for twin beds to fit the length without any compromise.

Space-Saving Sofa Bed

A sofa bed is another space-saving option for a compact kid’s room. It frees up ample floor space for your child to play indoors. The best feature of a sofa bed is that it fits well in any interior or color scheme. These beds come with built-in compartments thus offering extra storage space too.

The Space-Saving Kids Furniture Combo

Having a limited space in a room does not mean you can’t get creative with the decor or furniture. Here’s a way to fit a cupboard, desk, and bed in the kid’s bedroom and make it look super cool. The entire customized unit takes up very little space in the bedroom, leaving plenty of room for your kid to be creative with the rest of the area.

Minimalistic bed design with built-in storage

Another way to make a small bedroom seem spacious is by bringing the design and the colors in harmony. Choosing a lighter color palette and minimalistic bed design with storage options helps make the small bedroom seem bigger, brighter, and welcoming.

The Double-Decker Space-Saving Kids’ Beds

Are you struggling to set up a double bed for your twins because of the limited space? We have got your back. Try giving a shot at a stylish double-decker kid’s bed. It is an amazing way to combat the space crunch.

The built-in library on the upper side with a staircase allows the kid to grab a book and read. Moreover, the drawers within each step of the staircase offer extra storage space for the kids to store their stationery toys and additional books.

Kids’ loft beds with storage

One of the most crucial needs for growing children is to have plenty of storage space in their bedrooms for all of their belongings. Therefore, investing in a loft storage bed can allow you to provide enough space for the growing storage needs of your child. The best feature of a loft bed is that it can be packed up during the day, allowing your child to enjoy the empty floor space.


In conclusion, conceptualizing or setting up the best space-saving furniture according to your child’s needs can be challenging. We have mentioned a few factors to consider while planning space-saving bed designs for your kid’s room.

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