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Aug 29Kids’ Bedroom Design Ideas

7 Cool Kids’ Bedroom Design Ideas Your Home Needs Right Now

Posted on August 29th, 2023 11:58 AM in Tips & Ideas

The bedroom holds a very special place in every kid’s heart. Every kid wants to have a space of their own to remember and cherish the memories of their childhood. Whether it is a bedtime story, falling asleep listening to a lullaby, playing with dolls, scribbling on the wall with colored pens, or fighting over toys with siblings, a kids’ bedroom is the center of their childhood experience.

That’s why while doing Bedroom decor for kids, it is critical to ensure you provide a space that can help nourish their mental capabilities and be designed or decorated to match their unique personalities.

Ideally, a kid’s bedroom should have a study zone, a sleeping zone, and a play zone. But, it can be a task to fit all of these in one room especially when you have space constraints. It is critical to set up a room that is up to their liking, is comfortable, and reflects their character at the same time.

However, if you are confused about your Kids’ bedroom design, this blog is for you. In this blog, we have highlighted tons of Children’s bedroom ideas to help you design something that your child can cherish forever.

So, let’s get started!

Stylish kids’ bedroom inspiration

Add Funky Wallpaper to spice up the blank walls

Using exciting and funky wallpapers on one or two walls of your kid’s bedroom can change the look of the entire room. However, to make that it is a Kid-friendly design concept, make sure that the wallpaper is scratch and water-resistant.

Showcase Hobby As Unconventional Accessories

If your kid has an interesting hobby, why not flaunt it? You can add your kid’s personality to the room by incorporating things relevant to their hobby as accessories. For instance, if your teenager has a craze for badminton, you can create a feature wall by hanging his amazing collection of badminton rackets on the wall.
Furthermore, you can add ninja turtle swords or portraits of famous footballers to portray your kid’s likeness to football games and an action cartoon.

In short, you can apply the same idea to other hobbies, like tennis rackets, paintbrushes, and cricket bats. However, all the difference it makes depends on the strategic placement of these items.

Use Height To Your Advantage With A Bunk Bed

If you have a room with smaller floor space and high ceilings, you can use the height to your advantage. Place a cool bunk to accommodate more than one kid in a room without letting them experience a space crunch.

However, it is critical to ensure you use safe and sturdy material for your bunk bed construction and add customized side panels with a staircase railing to allow the child to reach the higher level safely. Moreover, if you want extra space for storage, you can add drawers to the steps. Other than this, placing a huge mirror can make the room look bigger and the ideal wall to place a mirror is the one facing the window. It makes the room look closer to nature and brighter.

Let The Furniture Do The Talking

Space-saving furniture offers a great way to fit a study nook, a large bed, and a play area all in one bedroom. You can make a small bedroom interesting by adding a queen-size bed, a low-height study nook separated by a tree-shaped ladder, and a side table.

The ladder concealed with a branch-shaped railing helps your kid reach the playing area which ensures your kids don’t fall. Moreover, you can also use this area as an extra bed to accommodate a friend for a sleepover. At last, add toys and floating shelves to make the room more interesting.

Add a Dramatic Wall Sticker

If you want to save money and avoid spending too much on interior design, the easiest way to revamp your child’s bedroom is by adding wall decals. An interesting wall sticker that reflects your children’s interest can immediately attract the attention of anyone entering the bedroom.

You can also let your kid flaunt their artistic sense by allowing them to do some wall art on the blank walls of the room. Moreover, you can add depth to the room by color blocking.


In conclusion, if you want creative kids’ room designs ideas you can get inspiration from Pinterest or other platforms. Moreover, you can also get in touch with Interior to help you create a room that not only flaunts your kid’s interests and personality but also help them grow and study.

It is also crucial to keep in mind that the interests of your kids grow to keep changing as they grow older. Therefore, design and decorate their room in a way that you can tweak it whenever you want.

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