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11 Foolproof Decorating Tips

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25 Living Rooms That Demonstrate Stylish Trends

From material to lighting to layouts, interior design trends move in and out of style at an amazing pace. This post features five living rooms that embrace current best practices but in ways that will likely remain appealing for years to come. Some of these spaces are subdued and subtle, sparking interest without overwhelming the eye. Others take a bolder approach yet reduce risk by anchoring their designs around traditional features or palettes. Most importantly, these living rooms explore the ideas most popular in contemporary design without blending into one homogeneous group – each has its own distinctive personality.

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2018 Color of the Year Is Red Hot

Benjamin Moore’s 2017 Color of the Year — Shadow — was one of the first color predictions to break away from the neutrals that have ruled for years, and now, the company is back with another shocking hue for its 2018 Color of the Year. Introducing: Caliente AF-290.

“Strong, radiant and full of energy, Caliente AF-290 is total confidence. It is pleasing, passionate and makes people feel special, like ‘red carpet treatment,'” said Ellen O’Neill, Benjamin Moore Director of Strategic Design Intelligence. “Whether used as one note or on four walls, the spirited personality of red turns heads signaling surprise and adventure. The eye can’t help but follow its bold strokes.”

Based on design industry professionals’ reactions to other bold choices this year, like Sherwin-Williams’ Oceanside and Glidden Paint’s Deep Onyx, we weren’t surprised to find out designers are buzzing over this statement hue. “Hot. Hot. Hot. I love a deep saturated color whenever and wherever I can find on. This shade of red sets my soul on fire!” says interior designer Scot Meacham Wood.

And contrary to popular opinion, red is incredibly versatile when used as an accent color and when it’s part of a complimentary palette. To prove it, Benjamin Moore showcased Caliente in a mid-century modern room, a farmhouse and a modern space — and it looks stunning in each and every one.

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Design Focused on Beautiful Wood Elements

Industrial designs that make use of concrete may be all the rage in some circles, but the fact is that you will have difficulty finding any beautiful home that does not use wood elements. A popular building material that is just as effective in decorative use, wood brings an automatic warmth and coziness to even a modern space. The four homes featured in this post take a love of wood to another level. Not only are beautiful hardwood floors found throughout, but the natural grain carries up across the walls, into shelving units, cabinetry, and even across ceilings. The resulting style is lovely, bright, and welcoming in each case.

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Black is famously versatile, eternally fashionable, and immediately makes any room feel more modern. It’s a little easier to take this bold leap in a private area like a bathroom or bedroom, but the living room requires a degree of commitment that might require some reassurance. This post explores 6 living rooms with gorgeous black decor – some feature simple black accents and others embrace it all the way. Some of the living rooms are spacious and open and others use black to cozy up in a small layout. However you want to approach this ever-contemporary color, it’s here.

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This is just about as flat pack as it gets. The XTABLE is composed of just 3 solid wood panels and requires no tools or screws to assemble. Instead, two of these panels slot together to form an X shape while a longer flat panel slides into two grooves to form the desk’s surface.

Minimalist desk by MAYICE and EX Architects

The desk was created by MAYICE, a design studio whose name is a rather convenient acronym for the two members of the duo: Marta Alonso Yebra and Imanol Calderón Elósegui. MAYICE were also assisted by EX Architects in the prototyping stages and the desk itself was handmade by Carlos E Pacajes. All three parts of the desk are composed of solid pine, with angled slots cut into the wood to form the X joint and suspend the table’s surface. The horizontal desktop is a whopping 2m long and just 2cm thick.

Components of XTABLE laid out

Close-up of central storage in XTABLE

XTABLE is intended to be shared by two users, with a communal area at the centre for storage. This central region features an array of drilled holes for integrated pen storage, and two smaller dimples cut into the wood to hold smaller artefacts — but my favourite aspect to this desk is the open space under the work surface. I’m constantly knocking my knees on table legs and feeling generally constrained by these vertical appendages so the unique open form of the XTABLE would certainly be a welcome change.

Off-centred XTABLE by MAYICE

My only concern when looking at this rather unorthodox table design is that it could be liable to tip over if contents on either side are arranged in an unbalanced manner. I’m sure MAYICE have tested this extensively though, and users can also adjust their desk to accommodate uneven weights by sliding the desk surface along to find a balance using the physics of moments.

XTABLE with offcentred storage area

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6 Clever Storage Solutions for Your Bedroom

No matter how large or small your bedroom might be, storage always seems be at a premium. Staying organized helps, but to create a functional bedroom space from scratch, you need to integrate plenty of storage into the room. Get started and maximize your bedroom storage with our clever bedroom storage ideas.


Take your storage above and below the bed. Build a bank of cabinets into the wall or use shelving systems, to maximize the storage space surrounding your bed. This gives you a custom-built look and plenty of storage space without taking up too much square footage.

Alternatively, use the prime real estate below your bed to add ample storage to a tight space. Bed frames with integrated drawers work well, but you can also add under-bed storage containers, organizers and baskets to store stuff below your bed.


Ditch the traditional bedside table in favor of a pair of floating shelves. You can keep all your items organized in a stylish storage box and use the extra space beneath the shelf to store shoes, magazines and other items neatly in a lidded basket.

Bonus tip: opt for hanging pendant lights or wall sconces instead of  a table lamp next to your bed. You’ll have just as much light and extra storage space beside your bed.


Shelves offer nearly endless ways to configure your space to display prized decorative items, add extra storage or even double as a desk. This is particularly helpful if your bedroom also has to pull double duty as your office. Install a high shelf along the length of one entire wall or wrap it around the whole room. Use it for your decorative items, books or things that you might not need to have within easy reach on a daily basis. Similarly, installing cabinets above head level adds clever storage to an often-overlooked area.


You don’t have to spring for the biggest, most elaborate furniture to add extra storage into your space. For example, a simple wood crate can be both a nightstand and a space to store books. Likewise, when you’re brainstorming for bedroom storage ideas, look for pieces that can serve more than one purpose. For example, opt for a full-size dresser next to your bed instead of a bedside table or incorporate a bench with storage to keep things organized and out of sight.


Closets aren’t the only option when it comes to storing your clothes. Use every available bit of space by installing closet shelves just outside of your closet or by adding plenty of hooks along the wall. You can also take the pressure off of your closet by vacuum packing your out-of-season wardrobe so that it takes up a fraction of the space in your closet.


Imagine storage so expansive that it takes up one entire wall. Wardrobe wall systems do take up a bit of room, but they add so much storage to the space they often eliminate the need for a lot of other storage solutions. If you have a small bedroom, choose a wardrobe wall in a light color to avoid making the space feel smaller.

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5 Tips to Pick the Right Seating for Your Living Room

From family movie night to catching up with friends over coffee, your living room is just as important as the kitchen when it comes to entertaining. When it comes to furniture, let’s be honest: it needs to look good and be super comfortable. You want your living room to be a warm, welcoming environment for friends and family to spend time, and it needs to withstand the rigors of daily use. Follow our simple tips below to find the right living room seating for your space so you can enjoy it for years to come.


It might seem obvious, but we’ll just come right out and say it: if you haven’t already measured the room, go ahead and do it now. You can even take it one step further and draw out a floorplan to help you visualize your space. Consider where people walk, which areas require easy access and where the doors and windows are so you’ll have enough space to move around with ease.

If you mainly watch television, you need to select furniture that fits in the room oriented towards the television; if you enjoy family game nights and conversation, you may want a coffee table that’s big enough for the board game, but small enough that you can sit comfortably around it.


A large sectional that feels right-at-home in a spacious room can really overwhelm a smaller space, so make sure to take a good look at the dimensions of any furniture you buy. Feeling lost? No worries. You can stop by your local Pottery Barn store and our style experts will help you create a floorplan and seating arrangement that suits your space – totally free.


The way you arrange your seating should reflect the many ways in which you use the space. For example, use a sectional to create a comfortable area for group gatherings and a pair of armchairs off to the side for more intimate conversations. If you’re hosting a particularly large party, just pull the armchairs over so there’s plenty of space for everyone.


If you have a large family and pets, durability is an essential consideration when choosing any kind of seating. Look for stain-resistant materials, leather  sofas with detachable cushion covers or slipcovers for easy cleaning, and durable fabrics that will stand up to years of use. Leather has a timeless style, is easy to wipe down and develops an attractive patina with age that adds to its look.


Your home is an expression of your own personality and sense of style, so choose furniture and decorative accessories that make you happy. Incorporate reclaimed wood items for a rustic, live-in feeling or a luxe touch with a faux fur throw that looks and feels even better than the real thing. You can easily update your space by swapping out throw pillows to add pops of color and contrast or get into the holiday spirit.

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When you hear the words “bathroom” and “remodel” put together in the same sentence, you might imagine high price tags and weeks of construction. But not all bathroom remodel ideas are created equal when it comes to time and money. You can make a big change in your bathroom by making small, targeted changes in specific areas. For example, putting in new light fixtures can give the room an entirely new look and feel, and you don’t have to change anything else in the room to make it feel fresh. Here are some bathroom remodel ideas that target specific parts of the room that can allow you to revamp your home without making any major changes.


Shower and bath remodels tend to be pretty dramatic, so that’s not the best area to start on if you want to focus on a low-key remodeling project. There are plenty of things you can do that won’t require large-scale demolition and the installation of several square feet of tile. Your vanity or sink area, for example, offers you the opportunity to make a big impact without a lot of labor. Our vanities and sink consoles are polished and elegant full pieces that are easy to install in a short time frame. We even offer some customizable options so you can get exactly what you want. This is a great area to focus on for your remodel if you feel that your counter or storage space is limited, or if you find yourself sharing a single sink.

You may not have a problem with the way your current sink console is designed and laid out, but you can still focus on this part of the room for your mini-remodel. How’s the area directly above the sink? Is there anything about it that you feel could be more efficient? Do you dislike the mirror, or wish you had some storage up there? Installing a medicine cabinet or pivoting wall mirror above your sink is a small change that can make a huge visual impact while also making the space feel more useful. This is an especially good idea if your current sink setup has a generic flat mirror install. Replacing this plain pane with one of our stylish mirrors can make the room look dramatically different for a relatively small investment.

Another way to make use of the vertical wall space in your bathroom is to add some shelving and storage options in other parts of the room that aren’t directly in front of the sink. This is a great way to change up a small bathroom with limited floor space. Putting shelves on the wall wherever you have the room to spare, be it above the toilet or next to your towel bar, will not only give you more storage space but also some visual interest on your walls.

The towel bar itself can be a focal point for a small remodeling project in the bathroom. Fixtures that are old, too small, rusty or just plain boring can easily be swapped out for newer, more attractive options. We offer a range of different bathroom fixtures, including glossy chrome towel bars, gleaming brass wall hooks and sturdy but sleek towel rings in a variety of different shapes and sizes. From small modern powder rooms to large traditional bathrooms, you’ll be able to find fixtures to suit your needs.

If even those minor changes seem like too much, or if you’re renting your place and can’t make any structural changes at all, consider a complete decor overhaul in place of a physical remodel. Sell or donate everything and start over: new towels, rugs, countertop accessories, shower curtain, the works. Start over with a totally clean slate and the room will feel like new.